cioudrunnerfiutecioudrunnerfiute Found Holy Grail & QuitEnjoy everything!

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I'm Jen. 23 years old.
I stopped collecting figures
& downsized my collection.

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011 months agoemiruxxemiruxx
I got my Saber and mug today, thanks so very much. I made sure to post feedback! Thanks again for the sales!
011 months agosillyker0niansillyker0nian
Hi! I wanted to mention and let you know that item #78406 arrived today and in great condition!

I also wanted to say 'Thank you!!!' because I thought I would never get her for a decent price in good condition. So, thanks again. Will buy from you again in the future
01 year agoCinnamonCloudsCinnamonClouds
Hey, I just wanted to let you know I received Danboard! Thanks
01 year agoI3anchouI3anchou
Oh noes, everythings expensive here in California! Lolz, anyway glad to have you in our fine state.

I don't know if you remember me but I inquired about the limit gunz fig you were selling a few months back. I was just wondering if you got to sell it coz I dont see it in any of your lists.
01 year agoMelchinoirMelchinoir
Hi cioud, you might not remember me but I bought that Kotobukiya Kureha figure off you way long ago. I just was checking out your shop and noticed you were from Houston, you didn't happen to go to AnimeMatsuri this past weekend did you?

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