ckxckx ζ*' ヮ')ζ<うぅうー!


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08 months agoSeasonreaperSeasonreaper
I see you have the Kyouko soul gem ring from COSPA. Thinking about ordering one myself, opinions?
010 months agoEmiya_KiritsuguEmiya_Kiritsugu
Happy B'day! :D
And may many more come!
011 months agoSeasonreaperSeasonreaper
Hmm, I thought I knew of most of the main Kyouko fans on the site.

Guess I was wrong. Fine taste, sir.
01 year agoezakeyezakey
ckx (1 year ago) #1484566Your inbox is full, so leaving a comment here:
Thank you, I received the Chihaya keychain from the group order safely. Have a good day!

Thanks for letting me know! :) Apologies about the full inbox~
Also, thank you for participating in the box split!
01 year agoTsuntakuTsuntaku
ckx (1 year ago) #1461532Nice irony avatar.
Hah, thanks. Love that Tsundere/Moe action goin on

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