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010 months agoclosetgeekclosetgeek
Djibril (10 months ago) #1537942Happy Birthday! ^^

thank you! sorry I just logined again after a while :)
010 months agoDjibrilDjibril
Happy Birthday! ^^
02 years agoHarmanSm1thHarmanSm1th
closetgeekbest wishes!
02 years agoanime-exportanime-export
sorry for the late reply, Baldios limited not yet. But but but...!
We will soon start a new section called AE-extra that will feature vintage and other Akihabara like bargains called rare toys (doh) ^^
Please keep one eye on the home page for updatesclosetgeekDo you still have CM's Baldios limited in stock?
02 years agoHarmanSm1thHarmanSm1th
closetgeekany new addition to your collection in mecha dept?
Not... really. I'm trying to cut back on figures in general now. However, I did cave and buy a few transformers from the new movie toyline, and I'm having fun with them.

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