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When I grow up i wanna be an Otaku

If you have or see something "Spice and Wolf" related that you would like to sell send me a PM

All Hail The Tail

I also collect doujinshi if you need help finding something or getting into it send me a PM, i'll see what i can do

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01 year agoReinierReinier
Spice and Wolf Season 3 is confirmed for Spring 2014!: (ext link)

Holo fans rejoice! the demi-goddess will grace us with her presence once more.
01 year agoRajuraRajura
Happy B-day, sorry for the delay!

Gonna post some pics soon that you will like.
02 years agoReinierReinier
Happy Birthday!! :D
03 years agoRajuraRajura
Happy B-day bud!
03 years agoDjibrilDjibril
Happy Birthday! ^^

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