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08 months agomolligesghostmolligesghost
cress2000 (8 months ago) #1628247I did indeed order her nendo...
I also had gotten SAL shipping, but ordered a bit ago.
Eventually she will come, I don't mind waiting. It saves
more money for other Kobato things.

Yes, I can't choose which face I like to display more,
so I had bought 3. I'll display them all so I can see
them all at one time.

Yes! I was relieved I had gotten her early when orders
had first started to open.

It's a good dakimakura I think, I've ordered it already.
I like her Buriki outfit.

I don't know what you mean by "not the real deal."
It's only unofficial merchandise. Though the drive for the
artist to draw and create the mouse pad is very real.
Maybe, I'm misinterpreting??

It's no problem. At least you're liking her
and not hating her.
08 months agomolligesghostmolligesghost
cress2000 (8 months ago) #1628101I've just recently become completely smitten with Kobato, and that somehow led me here.
Your collection's amazing! I can't hope to compete with it, but I hope to acquire some nice things going forward. ;D

Thank you very much, she is a cute character indeed!
I see you ordered her nendo! I haven't received my
order of them yet, but I await with excitement.
I hope you are too!
03 years agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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