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01 month agoPrettybarfPrettybarf
Oh hey, I know you from your music, I quite like it ^^
07 months ago (7 months ago)ChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Hello there. Nice to meet someone else on the spectrum here. I am autistic too.

I like your picture with the bunnies and macaroons. :3

I like Terraformars too. Just ordered the new Shokichi statue by Tsume. :3
21 year agoZoroZoldyckZoroZoldyck
Good review for Akari! I also really like Akari, but I got the FGZ, which I find very cool :3
21 year agoMellonyanMellonyan
Really enjoyed reading your review of Nendoroid Akari! He looks really cute and looks like you can do some really creative poses. Thanks for sharing. :)


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