daabeaidaabeai Ganbaruby!


Hello! I'm Mei. It's nice to meet you!

I love keychains, small goods, as well as figures. While I don't have many of them, I love nendoroids and scales!

Fire Emblem is my main interest as of own, but I also love idol anime such as Love Live! (Sunshine!! included) and Idolm@ster (Cinderella Girls included). Dangan Ronpa is another interest of mine!

Thank you for reading!

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02 months agoHypedSniperHypedSniper
Yo your inbox is full ><;;;; but yes that is the total
02 months agoisameilleisameille
Hello, your inbox is full. Just wanted to remind you about the invoice for this split (mfc link) as payment is past due. Thanks!
03 months agoyuki013yuki013
Hello! I need to contact you about this PMMM split (mfc link) and your inbox is full. Thanks
04 months agokagaroarkagaroar
Hiya! JSYK your inbox is full, I've got to send you the invoice for the BSD Strap split you're participating in! Thanks~
05 months agodaabeaidaabeai
heroizumi (5 months ago) #19007287Hi there, your inbox is full but I wanted to let you know your parcel was shipped today and it's expected to arrive on 3/18. There may be delays due to snowy weather in my region though. Please let know when it arrives!!
P.S. I sent a small refund because the parcel shipped for less than expected!

Thank you for the heads up!! I'll keep you updated. I emptied my box, too!

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