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I'm a Dutch guy collecting bishoujo figures of my favorite series or whatever nice is up for preorder.
During my collecting, I've learned it's easier to keep up with all the goodness by setting a few criteria. Does not always help to reduce the number of figures per month though.
Also, it's more tempting to buy when visiting the many figure shops of Osaka,Nakano and Tokyo when on holidays.
Besides figures, I collect doujinshi and my collection has rapidly grown since I knew where to buy second-hand and list of favorite circles has expanded.

I visit the yearly local anime convention called AnimeCon, where I even tried crossplaying Mikoto and Kuroko from 'A Certain Scientific Railgun'.

Pixiv following list
doujinshi collection
Flickr photos
AniDB userpage
MyAnimeList (not up-to-date)
YouTube favorites
I'm also on Twitter (see side bar on MFC).

http://myfigurecollection.net/profile/darkfader/sign.png http://files.darkfader.net/anime/files/sign.png

Most recent loot:
Lot of manga and too many doujinshi (in the doujinshi storage boxes) to display:
Manga vs doujinshi vs boxes.
Items spread out:
Ouch! this needs some glue...

Previous loots

An impression of my collections:

Comments (126)

01 month agoPlasticomPlasticom
You're welcome. :)

Thank you very much! You have an awesome collection as well (I especially love your older figures).

How are you today?
darkfader (1 month ago) #18096445Thanks for the FR! Great collection you have.
11 month agovivi75vivi75
darkfader (1 month ago) #17911150Impressive and diverse collection you have. Even an MDD.

Thank you ! you too you very nice collection of Figure !:)
02 months agolostbrainlostbrain
darkfader (2 months ago) #17198350Happy birthday and new year :)
Happy new year!
05 months agodymitrdymitr
darkfader (5 months ago) #15279996Gefeliciteerd!
Bedankt man ;D
05 months agoNessaChanNessaChan
Thanks :3

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