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Hello, my id is davada, but you can call me vada. I have been anime obsessed since 2002. I bought my first anime DVD before I had a dvd player :) My anime merchandise obsession was soon to follow. It started with InuYasha plushies, then InuYasha (esp Sesshoumaru) figures. I love beautiful figures, male or female(especially male figures), when I get obsessed with an anime I want at least one figure from it, when I get obsessed with a character I want lots of figures of that character (note: I tend to do everything in obsessive bursts). Anime aside, I have two cats, Pooh and Mittens, that I adopted from a shelter, I super love my kitties!!! Pooh is gray and hyper, clingy, talkative, and very friendly. Mittens is a Siamese and is very shy and quiet (but very pretty). I love to read and have over 800 manga volumes. My favorite color is purple. I also collect Amime cels (though I don't have very many), some anime cards, US and Japanese release DVD art boxes(I like to store some of my manga in them on a half wall so you can see the back of the boxes on one side and have access to what is in them on the other), and Japanese release anime OSTs. I have limited space and money so I usually end up selling some things to buy new things, so I always have to prioritize what I really love(it's so hard!!) FYI I am currently decluttering my whole house, including my figure collection, I have gone through most of it and cut it in about half, since I found there were many figures I had not looked at in over a year, I am sad to see them go, but I want to keep my collection of figures around 50 and plush around 25.... we'll see how long that lasts;). I really enjoy this place, seeing everyone's collections and crazy pictures, I hope to add my own and make many more friends :)

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04 months agoSierraNHaynesSierraNHaynes
davada (4 months ago) #2250919HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! :D

Thank you OuO/
08 months agominmay64minmay64
davada (9 months ago) #2014253Happy Birthday!! :D
01 year agoKillaxKillax
davada (1 year ago) #1663409Happy Bithday!! :D

Thanks thanks thanks
01 year agoLeo_OtakuLeo_Otaku
davada (1 year ago) #1627911Happy Birthday! :D Thanks you so much!!!:D
01 year agoSierraNHaynesSierraNHaynes
davada (1 year ago) #1609396Happy Birthday! :D

Thank you >u</ ~<3

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