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Hi, I'm Ruby/Simon. I ghosted nearly everyone I know in the anime community about halfway through 2016 due to severe depression. I'm slowly coming back to enjoying ACG and collecting. I'm friendly and open to discussion about ACG and merch whenever you like, including where I get my items.
I do not wish to be part of the collecting "community" anymore because it became extremely stressful for me and ended up having a negative impact on my mental illness. But I am happy to discuss the joy that ACG brings us, and our love for cute and beautiful anime girls.
I love characters with these traits:
flat chests, silky hair, pastel hair (especially purples and blues), blonde, sundresses, tsundere complex.
I also love characters that are cats. Not just nekomimi, actual anthropomorphic cats such as: Felyne/Melynx, Puck, Kyuubey, Jiji, Meow, and Hummy.
My favourite girl is Azusa Nakano, followed by Kudryavka Noumi, Maria Takayama, Astarotte Ygvar, Rin Kokonoe, Ink Nijihara, Rika Furude, Mirai, Shiina Arizuki, and, well...many more pettanko cuties.

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