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Im am just and otaku plain and simple. But what is weird is that I like nitro chiral and im strait. Ive traveled a lot and plain go do more. I love to go to ramen and sushi bar with my friends and love to cosplay. I try to make it to one good convention a year.

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03 years agodoshiromodoshiromo
Ok getting annoyed how much one of my figure is getting delayed it was suppose to be a gift for my bros bday in AUGUST
03 years agoseedredwingseedredwing
doshiromo (3 years ago) #925243Excuse me may I ask you where did get ur hans plush from
Sorry for the late reply. I got the plush from J-Box/J-List a few years ago.
03 years agoReitsuneReitsune
Yay, le fuguuuuuuu! <3
03 years agoshinshinshinshin
doshiromoExcuse me I saw that u have a hans plush may I ask where did u get it

Hi, I got it online when it was re-released =)
03 years agoReitsuneReitsune
doshiromoYay u put kitty on
Of course I have the mighty kitty up! :3 Thanks again, I hope you will enjoy your Valentine's gifts. Smoooooch ~ <3

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