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I am known online mostly as 'keelerleah' and I specialize in fantasy/digital art. My latest obsession has become Bleach (and my art reflects that). I'm not currently posting my own art here, but it can be viewed at my DevaintART page: [ext link ]

I have been collecting figures for a few years now, but with a growing collection and limited space, I'm now making efforts to slow down a bit... which is easier said then done. My first few figures were all Bleach related then after signing up to this site, it just sort of exploded. Besides Bleach, I'm also a big fan of Black Rock Shooter, Steins;Gate, Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, and Vocaloid (Hatsune Miku). I also like collecting Saber related figures, as well as any random ones that particularly catch my attention. I am also a huge fan of nendoroids and they have become a big part of my figure collection.


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02 hours agorairai - Canadian Collector ♡
Happy Birthday <3
01 month agolofunglofung
u play dota? just see you are drow ranger and intersted.
03 months agoanime_addictedanime_addicted Beyond Obsession
drowranger (3 months ago) #19109760Hi,
Thanks for the FR! I usually don't accept random friend requests anymore without talking to the person a bit first, but after taking a look at your amazing collection (And so many gorgeous dolls!) I couldn't resist. I love your room and display especially! There are so many wonderful things to look at! <3

Thank you for accepting and sorry for the sudden request ^^;
I saw your photos in the main page and sent the request in hopes to know more BJD owners in MFC
03 months agoserenity_darkoserenity_darko
drowranger (3 months ago) #19058537Thanks for the FR!
I just love your male figure collection! <3

Thanks for accepting. I love yours too,your display looks really nice and clean.
05 months agoMelisandreMelisandre
drowranger (5 months ago) #17328815No problem. You have a very impressive collection! :)

Thanks ^^, so have you. BTW, I adore your DD and BJD collection!!! I also own some, I have to make a collage to show them here too =P

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