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Hmmm... what's there to say about e-Bro? Well to start, I've been fond of anime and Asian culture since I was a wee lad. That and my love of travel are the only constants in my life. It's hard for anything else to hold my interest so I bounce from hobby to hobby. I've gone from gaming, to trading cards, to Gunpla (which I still build when I make time) and now figurines. I don't see myself moving on from figures anytime soon though, if ever. I also enjoy a bit of cosplay and photography on the side. If you'd like to see the world, take a gander at my SmugMug [ext link ]

So I started collecting last summer after moving to Korea. My first purchase consisted of Nendoroid Mikasa
, Ryuko, and Mako and was solely made out of curiosity. Haven't looked back since though. I love to shop, so part of the thrill in figure collecting for me is the hunt and finding a good deal. My collection's been growing rapidly up until now, and my wallet can attest to that.

I usually buy figures from anime/manga/franchises/video games that I'm familiar with, which I assume is a pretty common practice. If I do venture outside of this realm, the figure in question must be ridiculously awesome. Currently, Hatsune Miku holds my heart... and all my money.

And that's e-Bro.

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016 days agoHelixelHelixel
No problem!

And thank you very much ;v; Really appreciate it!

e-Bro (17 days ago) #21822311Hi Helixel. Thanks for the friend request, and also nice website! Really enjoyed browsing through your artwork.
01 year agoCrimsonPumpkinCrimsonPumpkin
Hi there! Thanks a lot for the FR and nice to meet you! ^_^
You have an impressive collection and glad to find another nendoroid lover! (I'm into chibis lol)
Take care!! :)
01 year agoOppaFaustusStyleOppaFaustusStyle
You're very welcome! ^_^
It's a pleasure to meet you, as well (:
You're absolutely right about that. And I must say, you have a really amazing collection!

e-Bro (1 year ago) #3856998Hello Moko-chan! Thank you for the FR and it's a pleasure to meet you :) It's always nice finding folks with similar interests on here.
01 year agotimonxtimonx
Same to you Bro! :) great article/loot and pics.. enjoyed reading it

e-Bro (1 year ago) #3856979Thanks for the FR! Nice Nendos by the way. Seems like we have similar tastes.
01 year agosolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
e-Bro (1 year ago) #3615603Hello and thanks for the FR! Nice collection by the way. You weren't kidding about the cute girls and JoJos. Btw, saw the link to female Dio below and couldn't hold back a "WRYYYY." I salute you.

Ahaha thank you! :D Your cosplay is amazing and I love your collection too, plus it's always good to see another Jojo fan here!

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