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Hmmm... what's there to say about e-Bro? Well to start, I've been fond of anime and Asian culture since I was a wee lad. That and my love of travel are the only constants in my life. It's hard for anything else to hold my interest so I bounce from hobby to hobby. I've gone from gaming, to trading cards, to Gunpla (which I still build when I make time) and now figurines. I don't see myself moving on from figures anytime soon though, if ever. I also enjoy a bit of cosplay and photography on the side. If you'd like to see the world, take a gander at my SmugMug [ext link ]

So I started collecting last summer after moving to Korea. My first purchase consisted of Nendoroid Mikasa
, Ryuko, and Mako and was solely made out of curiosity. Haven't looked back since though. I love to shop, so part of the thrill in figure collecting for me is the hunt and finding a good deal. My collection's been growing rapidly up until now, and my wallet can attest to that.

I usually buy figures from anime/manga/franchises/video games that I'm familiar with, which I assume is a pretty common practice. If I do venture outside of this realm, the figure in question must be ridiculously awesome. Currently, Hatsune Miku holds my heart... and all my money.

And that's e-Bro.

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022 days agossjmickssjmick
e-Bro (23 days ago) #23871876Nice, your Miku collection is on point! Thanks for the friend request.
Thank you!
02 months agoHelixelHelixel
No problem!

And thank you very much ;v; Really appreciate it!

e-Bro (2 months ago) #21822311Hi Helixel. Thanks for the friend request, and also nice website! Really enjoyed browsing through your artwork.
01 year agoCrimsonPumpkinCrimsonPumpkin
Hi there! Thanks a lot for the FR and nice to meet you! ^_^
You have an impressive collection and glad to find another nendoroid lover! (I'm into chibis lol)
Take care!! :)
01 year agoOppaFaustusStyleOppaFaustusStyle
You're very welcome! ^_^
It's a pleasure to meet you, as well (:
You're absolutely right about that. And I must say, you have a really amazing collection!

e-Bro (1 year ago) #3856998Hello Moko-chan! Thank you for the FR and it's a pleasure to meet you :) It's always nice finding folks with similar interests on here.
01 year agotimonxtimonx
Same to you Bro! :) great article/loot and pics.. enjoyed reading it

e-Bro (1 year ago) #3856979Thanks for the FR! Nice Nendos by the way. Seems like we have similar tastes.

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