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Figures for sale(mfc link)
Check them out, Thanks!

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04 months agoMsNixMsNix
01 year agorisingstar3110risingstar3110
Heya, just wondering, since you seemed to have shipped a lot of figures to Melbourne, how safe is it to use the unregistered SAL options?

Like have you ever got damage or things like that
01 year agoAzamiiAzamii
ebchman (1 year ago) #2155271Indeed. I do love the feeling of browsing around a shop and physically inspecting merchandises though.
It is so much more tempting when you see it! I'll only sometimes justify it... But usually I'm a tight ass :p
01 year agoAzamiiAzamii
So was mine haha!
Oh well it's not like I buy a lot locally.. What's the point when it's cheaper overseas :)
01 year agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
ebchman (1 year ago) #2113001Happy Birthday!
Many happy returns :)
Thanks! :D

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