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03 months agodjmaodjmao
Nice mahou shoujo collection! Jealous of all those Funwari plushies!
07 months agomayairrealmayairreal
efstks (7 months ago) #2876138No problem. Thanks for adding the undine magazine house. I've had them forever, but never thought of adding them to the database.

You're welcome.
Get some problem about my first time for adding them to database, but I think its worth.
Now waiting for Aria The Avvenire.
08 months agomayairrealmayairreal
Thanks for accepting my friend request
01 year agoefstksefstks
NewbieNub (1 year ago) #2077006Need moar 2hu.
Agreed. But need moar money first.
01 year agoNewbieNubNewbieNub
Need moar 2hu.

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