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I have been watching anime probably since kindergarten, but didn't really get into figurines until 2010.
My first figurines were item #696 & item #186 which were given to me as presents in 2008 while I was in Japan, and it was that time when I decided that once I had the ability to earn money myself, I will start off a collection.

I like pretty figurines, and it doesn't matter if I know the character or not.
Drawing is one of my other hobbies~
Also, I am a big fan of Vocaloid. Hope you can tell from my collection XD

Nice to meet you ouo/)

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02 years agomochaholicmochaholic
Last call to get your items shipped out by Jan 17th. If I don't receive payment before then, can't guarantee when I'll be able to drop by the post office next. Sorry for any unavoidable delays.
02 years agoxeno_00xeno_00
elixia (2 years ago) #1161095hello, just giving you a heads up since the tracking number you got given belongs to someone else for GSC miku support ver. - my one has arrived in my area and will be delivered to me tomorrow, also another user should be receiving his one tomorrow too. (we all got shipping e-mail on tuesday, and it seems like we are all in asia pacific) you should be able to expect yours tomorrow maybe if there are no custom troubles XD

have a nice day!

Oh yes I noticed that. I used my order number to track them. The packages are in my country already. I should be receiving them soon. Thanks for the info. =)
02 years agoxraikoxraiko
elixia (2 years ago) #1161109haha, I'm sure many more will follow.
Your website is really awesome! I'm from Taiwan & moved to NZ around the same time as well. Did you go to overload this year?

Ohhhh~ *high-fives fellow Taiwanese*. I couldn't go to Overload this year because I was stuck doing uni work. Which was a shame since there were heaps of things I wanted to buy, including Fuzichoco's artbook. Did you go?
02 years agoxraikoxraiko
elixia (2 years ago) #1155251Hello! thank you for accepting my FR, always nice to know there are more of us in kiwiland :P

Hi there! Thanks for adding me. You have the honour of being my first MFC friend ever! :)
02 years agoMichHatakeMichHatake
elixia (2 years ago) #1076665will definitely save enough money for him even if it means instant noodles everyday owo/) do you like him in this color though? I prefer his old-anime version but then it's better than nothing xD;;
also came with switchable head = hawtttttt

Yeah I still prefer the old version but when I saw the figure with the hair down I totally love it <3

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