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04 years ago (4 years ago)SyouonKiSyouonKi
eviljackspicer (4 years ago) #1333816Hi there,
Where did you order the furyu Nori and Nazuna?
Same place as a_c_e; I couldn't find them either until I saw the comment below.
I was going to look out for them on Mandarake. Amazon.co.jp has the other four by FuRyu so I'm guessing they'll have Nori and Nazuna after release, too.
04 years agoa_c_ea_c_e
eviljackspicer (4 years ago) #1310676Which website did you order the Furyu Nazuna and Nori from?Archonia.com. Never used them before so don't know if I can really recommend them as such, but they do still seem to be taking pre-orders. At least intra-EU shipping means I'll avoid Customs for once!
04 years agoJoichiJoichi
Hi! were you interested in my sales thread? Just send me a Pm! :)
04 years agoiocanti28iocanti28
Good taste in manga there!
04 years agoDynamiteDynamite
Welcome to the board! :)

Enjoy your stay.

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