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Hey, I don't update my page often anymore and I've sold a lot of the figures that I had...(update - and am now rueing how much of a killing I could have made oneBay if I'd waited a few years :P - goodness this stuff has got expensive!).

Hi, it's me EMD! ^_^



Hey everyone!

I'm male, 28 and live in the UK. I began collecting Final Fantasy merchandise about 9-10 years ago. I have downsized my collection over the past few years or so, but still appreciate figures and figure collecting in general.

I'm a fan of video games, film and anime (amongst other things) and my collection consists of anything that I think would look cool to display in my room.

I have some pictures on my profile if you would like to see my collection.

I have a youtube channel where I used to upload videos of my collection (haven't done any for a good while though!), here's a link EMD'S YOU TUBE CHANNEL, which can add a bit more perspective to my colourful collection.



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