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Update june 2011

I roughly started collecting anime figures at the end of April 2010. Right now I’m greatly in love with the Queens Blade figures line, since my first ‘test’ buy figure of Shizuka. My goal now is to collect and finish the Queens Blade excellent models line, including the Queens Blade Rebellion set. Since then, I have deviated from my focus on trying to complete the Queens Blade line, and from time gotten some random MegaHouse stragglers figures on impulse buys. Going to refocus and try and finish the set, or goal.

My favorite Queen's Blade figures;
#1 Risty
#2 Cattleya
#3 Echidna

Very over rated Queen's Blade figures;
#1 Airi
#2 Alleyne
#3 Ymir

=Waiting patiently for more Risty figures.=


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