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My FFXIV Character (Inactive for now :< ): [ext link ]

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016 days agolilylacelilylace ☆☆☆
falugalob (16 days ago) #20974867No problem! Nice to see you around, been ages.Haha yeah, it's literally been like what, 3 years? XD I've finally graduated college, and I'm starting a new job so I'll actually have money to spend on figures again :) Moving out of my room to a new apartment on Monday so I'll have the space too. I was thinking it would be nice to get some Detolfs...
017 days agolilylacelilylace ☆☆☆
falugalob (1 month ago) #19576057Happy Birthday:>Ahh I've been inactive but thank you!! I had a great one :)
023 days agodogs547895dogs547895
01 month agoDearDemonsDearDemons
01 month agoDearDemonsDearDemons
Good ! Love your collection!

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