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03 years agoVamppyVamppy

The wish is old, the wish is true. A merry Christmas, my friend, to you!
Happy holiday season with your family and friends and many, many presents (especially figures!). ;D
Big Hug, Vamppy ;D
03 years agoHooydenHooyden
hi ! Selling my Namae no Nai Onna if you're interested ;)
04 years agoMastraCustomMastraCustom
I just discovered your wonderful website! You take great shots!
Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics :)
04 years agoPasuteruUsagiPasuteruUsagi
hello! im glad to meet another person from Atlanta that collects :D!
05 years ago (5 years ago)YamiUsagiYamiUsagi
Hello, and welcome to MFC! ^^

*gasp!* You live in Georgia too! Cool!

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