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Im just simply an ordinary boy who lives in extraordinary world.

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01 year agoSagaOtakuSagaOtaku
fredzcoolerz (1 year ago) #1450887Love your collections. very cool :)
Thank you, Though this year I've mostly been getting Nendoroids to save money, almost all the scale figures I want are coming out next month o_o''
02 years agoSheliaShelia ♠ fujoshi
fredzcoolerz (2 years ago) #1312351I dont have display cabinet because i got no space so yeah even though it would be so nice and much better if i can display them.If you don't have space... then make some :D that's what i did!
02 years agoSheliaShelia ♠ fujoshi
fredzcoolerz (2 years ago) #1312346Hi..
would love to see your collections
Haha you mean in real life? Cause picture #602956 :P
02 years agoSheliaShelia ♠ fujoshi
Another aussie! Hello :)
02 years agoMsNixMsNix
fredzcoolerz (2 years ago) #1068890hi there I'm living in australia. Thanks but it costs a lot of money :((((sure does!

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