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I just started collecting in Mid 2011 I was watching Studio Ghibli films and decided to look them up when i stumbled across a san and inugami figure. I absolutely loved it so i looked up my other favourite characters and series, (Spice and wolf, Black lagoon, claymore, Nausicaa, fate/night, etc) and i discovered the world of anime figurines. here i am a couple of years later and a whole lot poorer. XD

As you can see I absolutely adore Spice and Wolf or Ookami to koushinryou. I have watched the anime and am currently on novel 17 of the light novel series. it is probably the best series of all time and the majority of my collection is dedicated to Spice and Wolf figures and merchandise. XD My grail upon grails is this item item #23137 which is a garage kit made by tayland, I LOVE THIS ITEM so if you have and don't want or if you find, please contact me first. ;), i'll make it worth your while. Cheers!

P.S I can't seem to upload some pictures from my collection so here is my deviant art address [ext link ]

I am currently on the hunt for These items item #23137 (A garage kit from spice and wolf by Tayland- I WILL SPEND QUITE A BIT ON THIS ONE!), item #20373 this is a Shishigami figure from princess mononoke! UPDATE on this item! GAH, I just won it on yahoo auctions. One of MY GRAILS finally achieved! :>

I love collecting studio ghibli figures because I love studio ghibli XD and also because they are interesting, limited and older. I am currently trying to get my hands on all the princess mononoke image collection figures because they are SOOO awesome. XD The one I am particularly interested in is the shishigami/ deer god figure which I finally found! Thank you yahoo auctions and FROMJAPAN! without you, most of my collection would be impossible! '^'Thanks!

Any help finding any items on my wish list, especially grails would be REALLLY appreciated. XD Thanks.

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05 months agoKnightmareKnightmare
if you don't mind me asking why are you selling your amazing figures?
07 months agoScarredCosplayScarredCosplay
Do you except paypal for the black lagoon roberta figure
010 months agoZenKoZenKo
Sorry but it seems your inbox is still full, can't send you a PM :/

Yeah i'm interested in those 3 depending on the prices too^^

And do you sell the forest spirit, san and moro and eboshi too?

010 months agoZenKoZenKo

sorry if i disturb you^^

I seen that you would like to sell some of your cominica figures.

And i'm interested in all your mononoke statues.

PS: your inbox is full, that's why i'm writting here.

Thanks ;)
011 months agoHitokiri_AceHitokiri_Ace
Oops. lol I'm super late, but happy birthday!!

I hope you had a great day, and enjoyed w/e you were up to! :D

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