frzntearfrzntear I'm a spooky stalker!

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13 months agoCribbsCribbs
Hi I'm your friend now
14 months agoAnusAnus
16 months agolagitlellagitlel
frzntear (6 months ago) #18438977☆~☆~☆ You are the birthday star! ☆~☆~☆
[img][ext link ][/img]
Wow, thanks!
17 months agoSononoNeneSononoNene

frzntear (9 months ago) #15864548Please accept this greeting with gratitude!
29 months ago (9 months ago)BellsprootBellsproot
It's disgusting that you've tricked people into thinking you're not some friend-collector that wants to stalk people.

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