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I spent all of my college tuition on anime figures and now I'm here.
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Hi, I'm Kana (^///^)
I work in a library and spend way too much time pairing up fictional characters. I'm also a typesetter for the scanlation group Fallen Syndicate.

precious children
inspired by caneton

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11 month agoHiinaHiina
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for adding some TodoDeku doujinshi to the MFC database. There's so many nice ones out there, especially by tenten, and I want to help adding them to the website but I still don't know how. So, perhaps it wasn't much to you, but thank you!!

''I spent all of my college tuition on anime figures and now I'm here.''
That resonates with me because I'm doing the exact same thing :'D
14 months agoshiroiusagishiroiusagi
Happy birthday (Okita's voice) XD
07 months agoshiroiusagishiroiusagi
gayrell (7 months ago) #18476421View spoilerHide spoilerBonne anniversaire!!! J'espère que tu passes une excellent journée (désolé, je ne parle pas bien français, mais je s'ai essayé)~!

Merci :) You're actually pretty good at french^^
MFC must notify 1 day in advance because my birthday is tomorrow XD
19 months ago (9 months ago)KuroUchihaKuroUchiha
gayrell (9 months ago) #17367798Holy cow, I'm in love with the formatting on your profile. HOW DID YOU DO IT

Oh my, Thank you! And you mean my "About"?
Well it's actually pretty easy, there is a code to place an image next to a text, this is what it looks like:View spoilerHide spoiler
Just put the text after the code and it'll look like in my profile.
And the thing with the quote boxes is also simple, you just use the regular quote code but change it like this: View spoilerHide spoiler
What I meant is that the title of the quote can't have space, otherwise it'll not work

Hope I helped.
By the way thanks for the FR!~
01 year agoangelbottangelbott
nice okita~ B^)

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