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A Japanese biography: In the beginning it was Gojira, then a geisha (in an old black-and-white card postal) and the three female divers in Krakatoa, East of Java, followed by Nippon, Zen, haiku, shodō, sumi-e, Japanese cinema, Shōgun, Akiyoshi, Sei Shōnagon (vs. Murasaki), chado, iaido, Nihongo, R. Motoki, Y. Yoshimi, wabi-sabi (侘寂), shibui (渋い), yūgen (幽玄), Mishima, Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows, the Japanese way of death, radical exoticism, G-taste, manga, trading figures, much older than the average fan, anime, hentai, R. Slocombe, Broken Dolls, pink and dark, I still keep the original modified Hepburn romanization, using "ō" instead of "ou", etc. Yours, George St

Note: “Japanese” items of my collection that are not from Japanese manufacturers/publishers are presented as blog entries here (mfc link)

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