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I mostly collect stuff from Fate, Love Live!, LoZ, Umineko and PMMM (although not so much now) with bits and pieces from other series.
My favourite characters are Tohsaka Rin, Archer (F/SN), Emiya Shirou, Sakura Kyouko, Beatrice (Umineko), Koizumi Hanayo, Ushiromiya Battler, Lancer (F/SN) and Matou Sakura.
I enjoy playing video games, visual novels, reading, and occasionally watching anime.
I'm currently in my final year of university, majoring in earth science.

Best muse girlsx1. Koizumi Hanayo

2. Toujou Nozomi

3. Minami Kotori/Nishikino Maki


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03 months ago (3 months ago)NunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
ghirahim (3 months ago) #19331881Happy birthday!! I hope you have a lovely day :) Thank you so much!! :D
I hope so too~
06 months agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
09 months agoNunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
I shipped your items today! ^u^
View spoilerHide spoilerI have bought a container for my tape today because I hated how the dusty tape made the envelope look kind of dirty :'( sorry about that! I just didn't want to waste the envelope nor all the tape I used - you will see what I mean when you get it LOL

this is my feedback list: (mfc link)
hope your items arrive soon & safely, also thank you!
09 months agoMitsunaMitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
Happy Birthday!! Have a wonderful day (*´ω`*)
09 months agoNunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
I hope you have a very nice day ~ with your favourite things & good presents

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