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favouritesfavouritesNeon Genesis Evangelion, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Little Busters! (VN), Rewrite, Gintama, Fate/Stay Night (VN), Dangan Ronpa, Tales of series, Final Fantasy series, LoZ, Code Geass, Clannad, Air, Kanon, Shingeki No Kyojin & Monogatari Series.
Kami (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
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I also have two other cats Bindi and Tinkerbell (who is also a British Shorthair) but they don't like staying still for the camera
My name is Alice and I really love cats ^-^ I'm currently a university student living away from home so my collecting has had to slow down a lot :< I really love cute things and Kyouko is my waifu.
I mostly collect stuff from Key VNs, Madoka Magica and Eva. I'd also like to get a Fate collection started as well mostly Rin and Archer.
I might take a million years to reply to stuff, but I'm still alive.

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01 hour agoKazmazzaKazmazza
View spoilerHide spoilerghirahim (4 days ago) #2094921View spoilerHide spoiler
That makes me feel kind of better about it. The price for it has been slowly dropping sooo I should get it soon?! I need to play FFX and X-2 first though.
That just doesn’t work for me ;_; Freestyle is so difficult, I have no idea why people think it’s easy D:
Kami’s a bully! I think it’s party playful but I do hear Kami chase Tinkerbell in the middle of the night sometimes…
My linear algebra results were good but calculus on the other hand… ;_; I’ll pm you about it?! My calculus lecturer did post something online about how he probably made the exam too hard and the results are going to be scaled so I suppose it’s not too bad. Exams are just too stressful :< I’m really looking forward to after the exams though, because I get a whole month off ^-^ I’ve never heard of a system like that before either, is it common over there?
I didn’t see it but I read a summary of it. I’m really happy about Sheik being separate ^-^ It’s also nice to see more pokemon included c:
We don’t get many here either :< I only go to one a year and thankfully there are never too many bootlegs but most of the stuff is too overpriced :c if GSC went to a con over here I think I’d die of excitement
I’m playing Ciel’s route now and she’s not that bad actually, she’s just a little difficult to like at times I suppose. I want to play through all of the routes as I’m really curious about the main characters background I want to know what that bit at the beginning was about ._. I believe that is what it means. Wow, that’s quite a lot of spinoffs |: I haven’t, but it sounds beautiful <3 It’s a newer type moon VN (ext link) it looks really interesting and I love Alice’s character design not because she has the same name as me or anything >.>
I think that will happen, and then buying one will be a lot cheaper and more worth it c:
That sounds so appealing right now but I have to clean after this :< I really hate cleaning. I want the whole collection of Key CDs because all of the music is just so pretty ^-^
It is a lower quality I believe, well it looks like it but I’m not going to let it bother me because I still like him c: Thank you! It took a while to move everything but I like how my collection is currently.
That’s even better o.o Do you find sharing a room to be a bit difficult sometimes? My sister and I used to share a room and space was also an issue :<

Still not had any time to play much of X/X-2 HD yet? :(
Aww poor Tink, getting chased around at night. ._. I sometimes can hear cats having a showdown outside at night. There are quite a few cats around here though so I’m not sure which ones it is.
What was it you wanted to PM me about? By all means do so. It’s good that he acknowledged the fact that he made the exam too hard, were you happy with the result after the scaling? Wow a whole month off after them is great! After my exams it’ll be the end of my first year so I actually get something like 3 months before I have to start work again. :O No, it’s not common over here actually I think it’s something made for the home learning courses.
Yeah there’s so many pokemon now and I was really happy with a lot of the new ones. Meloetta and Arceus. @_@ I wonder how many more characters they’ll add – I wish they’d at least announce a roster size. ~_~ Oh did you see Mega Mans final smash? It’s beautiful. *-*
Yeah I think I would too, having GSC there would be sooo cool. Oh well at least it isn’t just the UK that doesn’t get a lot sadly there were quite a lot of bootlegs at the one I went too. ._.
Difficult to like at times huh? Hmmmm… ;>_> Sadly I’d been spoiled about Shiki’s past so I guess that’s why I didn’t feel motivated to carry on playing. :| I couldn’t find the exact picture I saw of it, but this one is pretty close lol (ext link) ^___^
Oooh so that’s what those characters are from. I’ve seen nendos of Aoko and Alice a lot but I’ve never actually known what they were from. Alice does have a cool design I love her hat. xD Of course, I’m sure her name has nothing to do with it. ^_~
I hate cleaning too so I feel your pain. ._. Hopefully you get to listen to it soon! I got mine the other day and it’s awesooome. :3 Prettiest disc ever! Key music does have a certain charm to it that other soundtracks seem to lack. I was listening to the music in the extras section of a few VN’s Muv-Luv alternative why don’t you have one T__T and I was kinda amazed how… weak(?) the music was in some of them. S;G has an amazing title theme but the ones that don’t remix that theme are just… forgettable. :c I love just about every song in LB and Rewrite though. <3
Yeah, he still looks great so why worry about it! ^-^ I like how it looks too so it was worth the time and besides sometimes it’s fun to just move it all around isn’t it? :)
Yeah it can be annoying sometimes but I think it annoys me more that he isn’t here yet a lot of his stuff is. xD I know we don’t have anywhere else to put it but still…
Oh by the way, I finally got Tales of the Abyss! :D I’m enjoying it lots, even with the typical tales ‘slow start’. Have you played all the way through it? I’m still on part 1 at the moment. Also, Jade and Guy are awesome.
05 days agoAciquiAciqui Dorky Duo
I used to love the city but as I get older it starts to get old and annoying and loud and hard to breathe in ;___________; I'm actually terrified of finding a job due to my anxiety. People yelling at me will cause me to just want to hide ;_____________; I'm looking for one and want one but there's a part of me that's like nope. I'd been spoiled for that too xD But I did like it and Kyouko really does!
05 days agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
ghirahim (5 days ago) #2093350I hate that attitude towards TAFE, as there's nothing wrong with it. That really sucks but I could see that happening :<
Fleece is a really lovely material, so I can imagine it would be really nice to cuddle c: Thank you! Unfortunately I don't have a sewing machine or the skills to sew ;_;
I was fine when it was work related as well to an extent but socially I feel like people are going to be really scary I suppose >.< Quite a few people I know are like that too at least we're not alone :'D
Awwww she already sounds super cute. I'm looking forward to it ^-^
How is your new place? Did the move go okay?
It's terrible :< My friend is stuck in that loop. She has two TAFE qualifications and noone will hire her because the competition all have Bachelors .__. I feel so sorry for her sometimes.
It is :3 Haha, I did them by hand! And it's pretty easy to sew, my stitching was terrible when I first started so it would be a good beginner project :D

Socially awkward penguins, banding together and waddling away from confronting situations :')
She's hilarious! Every time I walk by, she gets all grumpy and barks at me :'3

It went really well actually! We took about 10 hours to move everything and nothing was organised on the Saturday other than our bed but now we have more than half of the house unpacked. I'm aiming to get everything done by Friday because family is coming over to see the new place but I dunno... figures take up a lot of time and I haven't even started those.... _(:3
07 days agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
View spoilerHide spoilerghirahim (9 days ago) #2088048View spoilerHide spoiler
They are :’) Although my little sister has one but she hardly uses it. Ahahahaha, oh wow, that is really funny. I never watch the news or anything so I miss out on stuff like that.
Well, she wasn’t completely relaxed but close enough, considering she used to get really upset if she had to have a bath. She just kind of sat in there and meowed a lot but she didn’t try to claw mum’s eyes out soooo I’d say that was relaxed enough. I have too! It’s really, weird, I’ve never had a cat who likes water. I really love older cats, they’re just so relaxed and adorable c: That’s understandable, that smell isn’t always pleasant. There used to be a pet shop in town and the lady rescued cats and sold them there but the place really stunk, I don’t think she cleaned it out properly x.x I know! The reason I’m not as big on dogs is because of their smell, although I know they can’t help it so I love them anyway, but cats will always be more appealing just because they don’t smell. No idea! Maybe she thought it was comfortable? She seems to be better now, mum’s keeping her away from the cat food which she loves eating >.> and she seems a lot better now. That’s possible, although her water is on our balcony and I can’t see a cane toad getting up really easily.
That’s happened so many times for me ;_; No, I never watched the Goonies although it sounds vaguely familiar? Hopefully the sequel doesn’t ruin it.
Have you done catcher chocobo yet? :’D I once got a no encounter weapon, I didn’t even think they existed and then I found out that they’re just miss able which is why I’d never had one before. At least they made them challenging I suppose, easy trophies are never very satisfying ;_; They’re getting cheaper, maybe if they hit around $100 I might get one, I’d like to replay Persona 4 at least. Yojimbo was my strategy for pretty much every tough boss I had to fight when I was younger…Needless to say I was really broke ._. I actually saw someone on the internet saying that Tonberries don’t exist in the game because they’d never encountered one and that everyone who found one was cheating xD It was hilarious to read. Ohhh, I was wondering why I couldn’t remember it. I don’t even remember underground Bevelle very much >.< I’m really excited to play it though because I’ve forgotten so much.
I’m great at leaving them till the last minute and then pulling all-nighters to get the done. I used to be really good at getting homework and assignments done early but I just procrastinate too much now.
So do I! It’s a lot easier finding display room for them for that exact reason.
He poses pretty well but I couldn’t figure out his bow but I like him how he is now so I’m not going to try again for a while. I didn’t try anything particularly dynamic because I was so scared of something going wrong, but I could get him to sit in my hand if that counts?! I love having figures sit in my hand, it makes them seem like little friends I’m not creepy. I am! I couldn’t resist after seeing his faceplates. I actually like that GSC didn’t choose his master sword because his original sword is cute :’D I wouldn’t have minded either way though.
I used to really like the site too, if they had a spoiler tag like on here and people used it, it would be a great website. Ummm, just one thing about Levi which you can find out from just googling his name now don’t do it. When I found out I was really surprised though and then angry it had been spoiled for me ;_;
I just think white goes with a lot more than other colours. Light cream colours are nice too, but I don’t like walls that are too vibrant because it’s just a bit overwhelming. My dad once painted his house with these really awful red/pink features walls and they were so terrible, I have no idea what he was thinking ._.
Yeah, and I think she might be a bit awkward to pose? The nendoroid and figma are ._.
I use this site (ext link) which has worked well for me so far.
I’m glad you loved it! That ending though View spoilerHide spoilerI get why Homura went all demon but still ;_; That cake part is one of my favourite parts of the movie *-* Kyouko needed more screen time though >:( I loved Sayaka’s role in the movie too.
I hope so too.
I would probably still buy it, there are some aspects of Sakura I like. Some of the servants I did prefer in Zero, especially Rider. Although /Stay Night Rider gets a lot of time in Heaven’s Feel, I still didn’t like her that much. Rider in /Zero was one of my favourite servants. Waver nendoroid please GSC. I think overall I like the servants from both equally? There are some I liked more than others but it balances out. I did prefer the masters in /Stay Night though. I’m so conflicted over the Gilgamesh nendoroid. I really want to PO him but I have Link that month. I’ll have to wait and see how things go
I finally watched Kill la Kill! I was so put off after the first episode but I thought I’d give it another chance and I am so glad I did. Now I want the nendoroids ._.

No clawing is a winner, Nala was calm at first but I could tell she didn’t like it then just as I was lifting her out I got clawed because she used my arms to get out of it and my dad just laughed at me saying “I’d never bath a cat, I told you not to!” so lesson learnt. ;p
Oh dear lol >.< surprisingly the place I went to adopt Nala didn’t smell at all but probably because it’s set up as a monthly thing when it’s advertised on the radio and they take all the cats to that particular house that need new homes, when you walk through the door your feet get surrounded by about 20 kittens it’s so sweet but sad at the same time..
Oh tell me about it. >: I hate that part about dogs but like you still love them anyway haha. ;3
I’m so glad she’s getting better now haha wow she really does eat anything! ;p Hmm I dunno aren’t they pretty good climbers? I used to catch green tree frogs when I was younger and they could really jump and climb everywhere.
You should watch it someday, definitely a classic ;3 my sister bought it for me when I was little and I used to watch it all the time along with the Wizard of OZ. Pretty sure Hollywood will ruin it. ;~;

No :( I think I’m just going to leave it for now, I haven’t had much time to play the game for the last couple of days either. Have you gotten any further yet? I didn’t know they were missable >: I know you can –possibly- get some from Omega weapon though (armour that is). Lol that’s true, they could have given a trophy for killing all the dark aeons though. :| I don’t understand why some people call him a useless aeon. Oh god >: really? I hate repetitive fiend battles and If I have to spend house upon hours hunting tonberries he sounds like a food lol I’m going to be pissed. Well I stopped venturing down the Bevelle underground once I got to a boss since it got too hard but now shit. I can’t remember that much of it either to be honest, X-2 is kind of more packed with secrets too if I remember correctly but I hate how you have to follow a certain formula to unlock some of them though. >:
I’m the same >: pulling all-nighters to get work done, not the best thing to do but well.. Haha.

I don’t blame you, he’s super expensive. Try not to break anything >.< I’ve read comments about things breaking. Lol! So he can sit perfectly then? I love it when dolls/action figures can do that.
He came out so cute <: I’ve added him to my wish list for now, just to see how things go though I’m finding him a little hard to resist. Oh you would have gotten him anyway even without awesome faceplates right? ;p
People probably wouldn’t use them anyway, as much as I liked Tumblr there’s no denying there used to be plenty of assholes there. Saying don’t do it just makes me want to do it! Now I need to spend all night trying not to search >: crap I’m insanely curious now.
Hm that’s true, you don’t have to worry about furniture then either. Pink throughout the entire house? O.o I can’t imagine that would look good with any colour, I don’t think I could stand colour through the whole house some colour is nice though but a bit of neutral is nice too. ^^;
Thank you! Haha yeah the cake part was ridiculously catchy, I actually had to re-watch it a few times. View spoilerHide spoilerWas it a mean and selfish thing for her to do though? I’m not sure whether to see it as a mean or tragic thing and I think I need to watch it again to fully understand why it happened, but I have a bit of an inkling I think it was still a bit of a shocker though. I always liked Homura and felt sorry for everything she had to go through to that point. GSC need to make her Ultimate(?) form as well to go along with Godokas.

Do you know what route they’re taking with the new Anime? I haven’t been keeping up with it. I can agree to Rider, I loved him in /Zero, /Stay Night not so much. >: I’m probably a bit biased since I enjoyed /Zero way more and It might be different if I play the VN or something. I loved Rin and Archer in Stay Night though and I should rewatch it again. <: AH I hope you can get him though! I couldn’t resist, people are upset about his Enkidu, It would have been nice to have but I guess we’re luck we’re getting a nendo of him at all.

I take it that it’s good? I should get around to watching it then, I’ve only watched one ep so far but it made me laugh a bit, how is it story wise?
07 days agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
ghirahim (9 days ago) #2088071Wow |: I don't even think I own that many games although I don't use steam so I've never experience their sales or anything. I have a lot on the PS3 I need to play, as well as some Xbox ones ._. I think I prefer that as well, so I kind of miss high school :< my teachers were so nice :< I will, although it won't be for a while :') I might pick it up between semesters or something. Mini Monokuma! Those kirbys are ridiculously cute *-* Especially the one on the right because they just look so happy c: Which one was the one you did first? they both look really good to me.
Awwwwww that's really adorable but kind of sad :< I get really angry about those kind of things, but only on the inside because I just don't like getting angry at people I hate confrontations. I'm exactly the same, I get everyone else to talk for me even my younger sister ._. Even if it's a super stealthy photo, taken from a roof o.o
Steam sales are a blessing and a curse haha. I believe TAFE is a similar teaching method but people treat TAFE as the "stupid-man's" tertiary education. It's wrong but it can stop you getting jobs if your dream job happens to be flooded with Bachelors :/
Thank you! The one on the left is felt, the right is fleece - the right one is the newer one! The fleece one is so much softer and nicer to cuddle :3 If you ever want to learn to sew or want the pattern for them, let me know! I should hopefully still have my patterns somewhere.

Yeeeeah :'> And so do I. It makes me so upset and I want to dognap them and love them as much as they deserve ;__; I'm the same when it comes to social situations. I'm fine when it's work related since I'm working and everyone is in a similar position to me, but socially it's hard... Haha! So many people I know are like that. The pug is a little girl and she has the most adorable face. She didn't come outside over the weekend but we'll get a photo, don't you worry!

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