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About name is Alice! I'm currently attending univeristy where I'm studying a bachelor of science, majoring in Physics. I'm also studying Mathematics and a bit of Chemistry. I aspire to be a mad scientist an astrophysicist but I'm also interested in quantum physics. I really adore all animals, especially cats. My favourite breed of cat is a British Shorthair :3 I'm also a huge fan of pugs, guinea pigs, tigers, lions, leopards, pigs and ducks. I just have a hard time choosing favourites. I have three cats who are just gorgeous and a schnauzer c: I'm quite shy but I still do like talking to people on here. I'm currently really into visual novels (I'm currently playing Dramatical Murder Clear<3) and my favourite VNs are Little Busters! and Fate/Stay Night. I also enjoy playing RPGs, currently I'm playing FFX HD and I'm also a big fan of Nintendo, with The Legend of Zelda being my favourite game series from them.
Other than figures, I collect plush animals especially cats and cat things c: Plushies in general are a bit of a weakness for me and I love rubber straps, although I've slowed down a lot with collecting them.
I started collection after buying item #16729 and item #23155 from a convention. I decided to hunt down the Cloud Play Arts but ended up buying my first nendoroid instead, item #78582. From there I bought more nendoroids and figmas before eventually moving more towards scale figures. I mostly collect scales and nendoroids now, but I do still really like figmas c: I've also taken a bit of an interest in dolls, artbooks and doujinshi recently, but I haven't pursued those interests too much.
I mostly collect stuff from Key VNs, Madoka Magica and Eva now. I'd also like to get a Fate / Type Moon collection started as well mostly Rin and Archer stuff but that's been progressing quite slowly. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as my favourite characters from other series, but I've been sticking to this rule for the most part.
Favourite Characters: no particular order Sakura Kyouko, Tohsaka Rin, Archer (F/SN), Miyazawa Kengo, Tohno Akiha, Ayanami Rei, Nagisa Kaworu, Ikari Shinji, Clear, Mankanshoku Mako, Noumi Kudryavka,Illyasviel von Einzbern, Emiya Shirou, Kirei Kotomine, Kamio Misuzu, Ami Mizuno, Kiryuuin Satsuki, Armin Arlert, Senjougahara Hitagi, Kurugaya Yuiko, Yoshino Haruhiko, Ohtori Sakuya

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03 hours agoSeasonreaperSeasonreaper
ghirahim (5 hours ago) #2281398Are you going to end up ordering Kyouko from the GSC store? I'm so undecided if I want to or wait and see if her aftermarket price decreases. I can't justify that much for Sayaka ;-;

I'd rather not give GSC my money. The combined set, double box, double base and price increase together have decided for me.

I'll see if she pops up in aftermarket.
01 day agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
ghirahim (4 days ago) #2270920It is, seeing just Sabers for a while made me lose hope that GSC would make other characters. I really want a Shirou :3 I thought GSC would be when I fist saw him but Alter is even better c:
I am too, I thought she would be :<

Was there as many Sabers announced this year? I saw a couple of swimsuit ones but bleh. :P
I wouldn't be surprised if they make him after the anime reboot/remake whichever you'd like to call it, I mean I think they should at least. Yeah, Alter is a lot better. ^_~

Thank you for the Birthday wishes as well. :)
04 days agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
ghirahim (4 days ago) #2270633And a nendoroid Archer too! I'm really excited for the scaled Archer though and it's Alter too *-*
I also really like this saber item #236260
Yeah it seems they're really starting to work on the cast in regards to nendos which is nice. :) The fact that it is Alter that's making him surprised me a bit but I'm glad it's a good company that is.
That Saber is really nice! I'm disappointed that the Sakura one isn't painted yet though. :(
04 days agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
ghirahim (4 days ago) #2270553This wonfes is killing my wallet. All the Fate stuff! :')I know, I've been pleasantly surprised so far, I can't believe they're actually making a scaled Archer. *-*
05 days agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
ghirahim (6 days ago) #2265469NOIZ NENDOROID NOIZ NENDOROID NOIZ NENDOROIDI just seen *dies of happiness*
Now a Noiz scale please. :')

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