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About name is Alice! I really adore all animals, especially cats. My favourite breed of cat is a British Shorthair :3 I'm also a huge fan of pugs, guinea pigs, tigers, lions, leopards, pigs and ducks. I just have a hard time choosing favourites. I have two cats who are just gorgeous and a schnauzer c: I'm quite shy but I still do like talking to people on here. I'm currently really into visual novels (I'm currently playing Umineko no Naku Koro Ni (Episode 5) and my favourite VNs are Little Busters! and Fate/Stay Night. I also enjoy playing RPGs, currently I'm playing FFX HD and I'm also a big fan of Nintendo, with The Legend of Zelda being my favourite game series from them.
Other than figures, I collect plush animals especially cats and cat things c: Plushies in general are a bit of a weakness for me and I love rubber straps, although I've slowed down a lot with collecting them.
I started collection after buying item #16729 and #23155 from a convention. I decided to hunt down the Cloud Play Arts but ended up buying my first nendoroid instead, item #78582. From there I bought more nendoroids and figmas before eventually moving more towards scale figures. I mostly collect scales and nendoroids now, but I do still really like figmas c: I've also taken a bit of an interest in dolls, artbooks and doujinshi recently, but I haven't pursued those interests too much.
Favourite Characters: no particular order Sakura Kyouko, Tohsaka Rin, Archer (F/SN), Miyazawa Kengo, Tohno Akiha, Ayanami Rei, Nagisa Kaworu, Ikari Shinji, Clear, Mankanshoku Mako, Noumi Kudryavka,Illyasviel von Einzbern, Emiya Shirou, Kotomine Kirei, Kamio Misuzu, Ami Mizuno, Kiryuuin Satsuki, Armin Arlert, Senjougahara Hitagi, Kurugaya Yuiko, Yoshino Haruhiko, Ohtori Sakuya

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08 days ago (8 days ago)KazmazzaKazmazza
ghirahim (10 days ago) #2398757I know the feeling :< I was doing rainbow road on 150 cc and I was just about to win buuut the same kind of thing happened ;-; At least you didn't finish last, unless there were only 11 in the race?!
I've finished the first one, of Link and his harem the female characters. It unlocks a new adventure mode which has a pretty fun level that's, well, "inspired" by the puzzle. It's a good level for levelling/getting rupees as well so I've been doing that. Yep, they were most likely just standing around and decided to flee .___.
Isn't some of that for the Majora's Mask pack? I swear that the Ruto and Darunia costumes at least are a part of that because they represents characters from MM? I'm pretty excited to play as Volga! Oh, I decided to level Sheik up (so now she's 33 which is decent I suppose) and wow, she's a lot of fun to play as, I don't know why I didn't play as her sooner.
I'll have to, then I can beat you up have a friendly match in MK8 with you >:)

I think there were 12 racers so yeah, not quite last. xD Which Rainbow road was it? I like the big one that's all one lap but I hate the other one so much. ._.
Ahhh nice, I'll have to try and finish that picture then if it is good for leveling as I've been struggling with some of the later adventure mode levels. Inspired by the picture of Links harem you say? Hmmm...>_>
Yay! I told you you would like her. :) She is my go to character for those stupid missions where you have to fight like 3 giant bosses at once. The Imprisoned is ruining my life. T__T Oh yeah, should be Cia and co tomorrow!! Or wait... maybe it's already 'tomorrow' for you soooo maybe you will get them today!? Confusing. c:
I got your FR! But you probably know that by now. It might be difficult to catch each other on at the same time but hopefully we will get that horrible beating friendly race soon enough! :D
010 days ago (10 days ago)KazmazzaKazmazza
ghirahim (11 days ago) #2397357Yep, it's the summer break! That would make sense, as it was just summer over there c:
Are you enjoying MK8? I really like it but it can be awfully frustrating sometimes. Wow, she sounds amazing. I have to play as her to get some skulltulas anyways so I do have to level her up eventually. I think I got a C for that mission, which is understandable considering how poorly I did it. I think my Fi is level 20-something?
That's my problem too, too much damage taken! The one time I think I almost had it Impa decided to flee, yay .___. I didn't know she's practically like another character, now I really want to unlock her.
I have! Have you? Is it this week? I knew it was sometimes this month but I didn't know it was so soon c:

I am! MK8 is lots of fun, but I do get what you mean about it being frustrating. Sometimes when you play online it is like everyones weapons are all aimed at you. :( I was in first on the last lap the other day only to get hit by a blue shell, 2 red shells, a green shell and a boomerang only a few corners from the end... I finished in 11th. :/
Yeah true, speaking of Skulltulas have you finished any pictures yet? I'm close on two but I haven't actually done any yet. c: Ugh I hate it when they flee because you know there was a 99% chance they were in no actual danger. ._.
I have it as well! :D It should be comig out on the 16th at the same time as the free update that adds Wizzro, Cia and Volga. Have you seen what's in it? If you're curious here's the stuff for this 1st pack: (ext link)
Oh yeah you'll have to add me on the Wii U (well you don't have to but... ), my NNID is the same as my username on here if I remember rightly. :)
013 days agoKazmazzaKazmazza
ghirahim (14 days ago) #2392494Nobody should ;-; The worst part is memorising everything and I'm not the best at that. Nooo :< Well my last exam is on the 8th of November and I start again in February so I have quite a long break c: Lots of time for visual novels?! >:)
Ohhh, I know where you're up to. I think I'm on the last level now but I have no idea. You're close to the level where you get the material though! I think it's the one after? I ran out of rupees so I can't for now :') Wow, well, my lowest is Sheik at level 8 and my highest is Link, I think he's around the same level as your Link? I should know, I did play it today :')
I don't even think I'm going to bother trying for A rank, unless I have heaps of rupees so I can level Fi up heaps or something. Ah, that was it! I know the one you're talking about, in fact I'm trying to get it now but getting the A rank on that level is really annoying as there are the Icy Big Poes everywhere and I hate those. I think I know the one you're talking about! Is it the great fairy? My boyfriend unlocked it the other day but he hasn't used it yet. I haven't gone to the left much, I've been working on the right more.

Wow, that is a pretty impressive break there. I guess that's your summer holiday though right? In that case it's sort of the same as the one I just finished. :)
Oh ok cool! I didn't actually get to play any HW today as I was busy quite a bit and then went on MK8 instead. >_> Whoa well you should really play as Shiek some more - her moves are amazing. One can charge the special gauge, another annihilates weak points on giant bosses and another gives a shield that makes her practically invincible for the duration. O_O My Fi is level.. 36 I believe and I still only managed a B on that mission. :(
That's the one! There's TONS of Icy Big Poes aren't there!? I got so close the other day but I had taken just a one or two too many hits. ._. Yes that's the one; the great fairy. It's not really right to call her a 'weapon' since you actually move her around the battlefield and everything - she's practically a character. She moves really slow but her strong attacks are so devastating! :O She'd probably be really hard to get an A with though...
Have you bought the DLC pass? A whole ton of new content coming in a week if you have! :D
015 days agoKazmazzaKazmazza
ghirahim (16 days ago) #2388870It's done! A lot of my answers were questionable but at least I don't have to do any more organic chemistry >:) Weather science sounds really interesting! Let me know how it goes. Really? When is your next break?
I think I would have waited a day as well :')
I got the materials today! Have you finished the main storyline? I won't say any more though so I don't spoil anything o:
She looks like a lot of fun to play as but she's level 8 or something for me which makes her less appealing to play as :') I know how to get him, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Have you done that level on adventure mode where you have to fight the imprisoned as Fi?! That was awful although I managed to do it with 1/4 of a heart left :') I just don't get her combos I suppose, although if I spent time getting the hang of playing as her I'd probably like her.
That's a tough one. I really like the magic rod but the ball/chain thing (I can't remember the name ._.) is really fun as well. What's your favourite Link weapon?

Hoooray! No one should have to do Organic Chem ._. Sure, I'll let you know. My next break... well I suppose I get a couple of weeks off at Christmas but I won't get another BIG holiday for ages now. :( When is your break?
Nice one! I haven't finished the story yet, I thought I had but then View spoilerHide spoilerI got a mission where I have to play as Ganondorf, so that's what I'm on at the moment. Awww no - you need to level her up!! :O Just pay for a few levels haha. I've tried to keep all my characters at similar levels although Link has gotten a bit ahead because of story mode. I think Lana is my lowest at 30 whilst Link is about 45.
Ugh yes! Man that was a horrid level... I dread trying to get an A rank on that one for the heart piece. >_<; The Magic Rod is my favourite too! ^-^ The ball/chain thing is called 'Gauntlets' I want the chain chomp one they showed off in the direct. @_@ There's one other weapon I like for Link but I don't want to spoil it if you haven't got it... have you cleared the very bottom left corners square in adventure mode?
016 days ago (16 days ago)KazmazzaKazmazza
ghirahim (16 days ago) #2388242After today I should have a few free days ^-^ I have an Organic chem exam today, eugh ;-; Are you looking forward to starting again?! You had a really long break, I'm envious >:( What are you doing this semester?
Nooooooo, well, here's a late happy birthday! I couldn't find any cool Muv-Luv or LB! cakes on the internet ;-; Did you have a good birthday though?! c:
I don't have any of his combos yet either ;-; I have no idea what material I need. I like Impa too! I have to admit, I haven't played as Sheik yet, or Zant (because I haven't unlocked him yet) but I really, really hate playing as Fi. Her battle style just doesn't work for me. (I don't really like Midna either for the same reason.)

Eeewwww! Well best of luck with it. :) Honestly, the break was toooo long... >_<; I'm doing some Maths modules (but they don't start until December) and before that I'm doing a Weather science module. :o
Thank you haha. :') Well, there were council workers (boiler failure) in the house most of my actual birthday so we saved celebrating it until the day after - which was nice.
I read somewhere that it was a material you get from Hyrulian captains... which means you'd actually have to be fighting them. View spoilerHide spoilerMaybe on that level where Ghirahim turns the army against you? Whaaaa!? You really need to play as Sheik, she's really really good and lots of fun. Do you know how to get Zant? Hmmm Fi... I like playing as her as long as I'm only fighting normal enemies, as soon as someone like Volga or a giant boss turns up - I rage. >_> Surprised you don't like Midna though, I thought she was really good.
What's your favourite Link weapon to use?

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