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04 months agobonbonhimebonbonhime
Thank you for all the lovely photos of your Rin!!! :)
08 months agoAryaArya
You have a wonderful avatar and taste, milady~! I´m loving your sulky Beatrice and tiny Lion and Will too much <3
09 months agoEndlaveEndlave
Happy happy birthday!! ヽ(・∀・)ノ
01 year agoKingSabahKingSabah
ghirahim (1 year ago) #2967213-snip-
I was always worried to bring friends in via DEEN, simply because it's hard to grasp if you don't really care about the series yet (I started with DEEN and then read the VN, I legit thought DEEN's anime was the best thing ever. The VN changed my opinion but now it's a decent adaptation of Fate - with elements of UBW and HF mixed in lol)
At least Tsukihime is getting a VN remake, right? :D
Also I would loveto see Nendoroids of the whole FSN cast... at the very least, Servants! We already have Saber, Archer, and Gilgamesh... all we need is Lancer, Caster, and Assassin. Dunno how they would make Berserker though, haha. I'd also like a Kirei nendoroid...heh..

I can't wait to see prototypes of the Shirou figma/nendo! I just wish his old figma got a revamp (I doubt the new figure is going to include Nine Lives unfortunately :( )
01 year agoKingSabahKingSabah
ghirahim (1 year ago) #2965964I just realised that you were from tumblr! No problem c:
Have you been enjoying the ufotable adaption so far?

I knew your name looked familiar from somewhere and voila, here we are!

Small discrepancies aside, I love the adaptation! It helps me experience the route in a different way, oh and not to mention help drag my newbie friends into the wonderful world of Fate. I'm glad we're getting this adaptation, a few years ago if you told me this was happening at all (not to mention HF getting adapted too!) by ufotable, I would've laughed at such a joke :P
Even though some people are tired of Fate/ being the only thing worked on, I'm all for it! More figures for us (and maybe...just maybe Lancer and Gilgamesh will get their long awaited figma.. D: )

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