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About name is Alice! I'm currently attending univeristy where I'm studying a bachelor of science, majoring in Physics. I'm also studying Mathematics and a bit of Chemistry. I aspire to be a mad scientist an astrophysicist but I'm also interested in quantum physics. I really adore all animals, especially cats. My favourite breed of cat is a British Shorthair :3 I'm also a huge fan of pugs, guinea pigs, tigers, lions, leopards, pigs and ducks. I just have a hard time choosing favourites. I have three cats who are just gorgeous and a schnauzer c: I'm quite shy but I still do like talking to people on here. I'm currently really into visual novels (I'm currently playing Dramatical Murder Clear<3) and my favourite VNs are Little Busters! and Fate/Stay Night. I also enjoy playing RPGs, currently I'm playing FFX HD and I'm also a big fan of Nintendo, with The Legend of Zelda being my favourite game series from them.
Other than figures, I collect plush animals especially cats and cat things c: Plushies in general are a bit of a weakness for me and I love rubber straps, although I've slowed down a lot with collecting them.
I started collection after buying item #16729 and item #23155 from a convention. I decided to hunt down the Cloud Play Arts but ended up buying my first nendoroid instead, item #78582. From there I bought more nendoroids and figmas before eventually moving more towards scale figures. I mostly collect scales and nendoroids now, but I do still really like figmas c: I've also taken a bit of an interest in dolls, artbooks and doujinshi recently, but I haven't pursued those interests too much.
I mostly collect stuff from Key VNs, Madoka Magica and Eva now. I'd also like to get a Fate / Type Moon collection started as well mostly Rin and Archer stuff but that's been progressing quite slowly. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as my favourite characters from other series, but I've been sticking to this rule for the most part.
Favourite Characters: no particular order Sakura Kyouko, Tohsaka Rin, Archer (F/SN), Miyazawa Kengo, Tohno Akiha, Ayanami Rei, Nagisa Kaworu, Ikari Shinji, Clear, Mankanshoku Mako, Noumi Kudryavka,Illyasviel von Einzbern, Emiya Shirou, Kotomine Kirei, Kamio Misuzu, Ami Mizuno, Kiryuuin Satsuki, Armin Arlert, Senjougahara Hitagi, Kurugaya Yuiko, Yoshino Haruhiko, Ohtori Sakuya

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018 days agoKyousukeKyousuke
ghirahim (19 days ago) #2298714You've got a lovely LB!/Key collection, I'm especially envious of (mfc link)

tThat's my favorite figure of Rin. <3
019 days agoMitsunaMitsuna
You are welcome! Little Busters saikou! :D
ghirahim (19 days ago) #2298221Yay, another LB! fan! Thanks for the FR c:
019 days agoKyousukeKyousuke
Nice to meet you, lady. I love your LB collection <3
I am so jealous!
022 days agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
View spoilerHide spoilerghirahim (1 month ago) #2267345I did quite a bit, my mum made me go on an 8km bushwalk with her it was so tiring ;-; and she ran a half marathon so we went to the gold coast for a couple of days. Other than that I suppose I didn’t do much else though.
I can’t picture it, but I looked it up online and it didn’t recommend having the two together ;-; It was ridiculously cute. She did something similar before I left, we let her, Tinkerbell and Tsuki out in the garden together (it’s fenced and Kami is too big to slip through the gaps in the fence :’) ) and she was about to pounce at Tsuki but she did a vertical jump with her paws out :3 Awww :< Kami only does it sometimes, and Bindi rarely does.
Ahhh D: That sounds really awful, I think I would pass out if that happened to me :< That tick story doesn’t sound pleasant either. I’m really glad I didn’t have any gross bug experiences when I went walking because that would have put me off even more >.<
It does, but I can’t ever see myself spending that much money on a 64 game, as it’s pretty much half a dollfie |: I don’t like emulating games either, it’s just not the same.
Thankfully I only had to buy two one was $100 though :< but they’re always expensive. I try my best to get second hand ones but sometimes it’s really difficult to :< I neglected mine for quite a while >.< I still haven’t finished Monster Hunter or Tales of the Abyss on it yet too. I haven’t started the game I got yet either :’)
Ahahahaha, I don’t want to do that anytime soon ._____. The sphere grid maxing is so tedious. You can do it! I actually started X-2 today and I forgot how much missable stuff there is. I’m kind of following a guide because I don’t want to miss stuff and have to do another playthrough.
I know :< I’m on the hunt for a new display cabinet because the door on my current one doesn’t close properly anymore >.> I actually saw the perfect cabinet at a shop but they weren’t selling it ;-; Yeah, they do need to be displayed together.
It means I didn’t get taller than my mum though :< and she’s quite short
If Megahouse don’t have a painted version of Gilgamesh on display tomorrow, I won’t be happy :< An Akuma Homura nendoroid is inevitable, I’m probably going to end up with both the figma and the nendoroid and they’ll probably be exclusives *sigh*. I’d really like to see a prototype for that too! I actually forgot it existed because it was announced ages ago. I am! I decided to keep both because I do want a full PMMM nendoroid set so I need Sayaka. Are you going to get them? (or any other exclusives for that matter.) I’m also tempted by the Wo-class nendoroid >.<

Incoming late comment with probably bits I’ve missed >.<

8km bushwalk? Holy crap, I think I’d die. XD; Your mum sounds like she’s really fit though, I wish I was haha.

I guess it makes sense considering they seem to bite a lot (or maybe that’s not even entirely true, I think I remember someone telling me they bite less than a certain other pet but I just can’t remember what it was >.<) You don’t have to worry about them jumping over the fence? Haha that’s so cute.

From an 8km bushwalk I’m extremely surprised you didn’t at least get attacked by ants or something. XD; with my luck I would have.

Whoa that’s true, I wonder how much the mint and sealed 64 games go for, I’m scared to look. >.> Damn that’s one expensive book. >.< I don’t blame you, I would be looking for the second hand option myself, at least you can sell them once you’re done with them. I guess we’re as bad as each other when it comes to eventually starting games we buy haha.
Awesome, have you tried the tower or whatever it’s called yet? I tried it once and I don’t like it >.>; I think what I’ll do when I start X-2 is just play through it quick but try for the plat in new game+ I hope I don’t regret that decision though lol.

It’s a shame you don’t live near me because there’s a display cabinet in one of the op shops around here and it’s been there for a couple of months now XD it’s pretty decent too. Nooooo I hate it when that happens ;~;
Haha how tall are you?

Well I guess we can give up on ever seeing him painted now :’) I seriously hope Alter might make a Gilgamesh now because of Archer, I’m setting myself up for heartbreak now I know it. XD Like everything Akuma Homura *EXCLUSIVE* I decided not to this time, I’m trying not to get any of the girls in their casual/school outfits otherwise I’ll have to go hunting. I kind of regret not getting that exclusive Mami nendo though. :\ I don’t know what I’ll be ordering at the moment, my ordering has slowed down a bit lately (compared to what it used to be like anyway XD).

ghirahim (1 month ago) #2279464There were but I can overlook it because other characters were announced. The swimsuit ones were a bit disappointing but I'm not a huge fan of swimsuit figures unless they're really amazing or something (like item #144297)
I wouldn't be either, Shirou deserves more figures. Did you hear the news about that? UBW and HF! I couldn't be happier I'm happy Fate isn't being done >:)I wouldn't mind an Archer from GSC as well I just want a shrine of Rin/Archer ;-;

I forgot to reply to this *blushes*
Yeah swimsuit figures can get kind of boring which is why I only own a couple, I always loved that one though.

Which news exactly? I haven’t been in the loop. >.< Now I'm worried I might have missed something awesome.
022 days agoMoroMoro
ghirahim (25 days ago) #2289416Damn you and your good reviews making me want to buy more.
But seriously, keep it up. I need that Rei now

Ahaha, I sell it hard!

She's totally worth it, she really is the perfect Rei, I think.

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