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About name is Alice! I really love animals, especially cats (especially british shorthairs) I I have two cats who are just gorgeous and a schnauzer c: I'm quite shy but I still do like talking to people on here. I really enjoy playing visual novels and my favourite VNs are Little Busters! and Fate/Stay Night closely followed by Tsukihime and Umineko No Naku Koro Ni. I'm also a big fan on Nintendo games and RPGs.
Other than figures, I collect plush animals especially cats and various cat things.
I started collection after buying item #16729 and #23155 from a convention. I decided to hunt down the Cloud Play Arts but ended up buying my first nendoroid instead, item #78582. From there I bought more nendoroids and figmas before eventually moving more towards scale figures. I mostly collect scales and nendoroids now, but I do still really like figmas c: I've also taken a bit of an interest in dolls, artbooks and doujinshi recently, but I haven't pursued those interests too much.
Favourite Characters: no particular order Sakura Kyouko, Tohsaka Rin, Archer (F/SN), Miyazawa Kengo, Tohno Akiha, Ushiromiya Battler, Beatrice, Ayanami Rei, Nagisa Kaworu, Ikari Shinji, Clear, Mankanshoku Mako, Noumi Kudryavka,Illyasviel von Einzbern, Emiya Shirou, Kotomine Kirei, Kamio Misuzu, Ami Mizuno, Kiryuuin Satsuki, Armin Arlert, Senjougahara Hitagi, Kurugaya Yuiko, Yoshino Haruhiko, Ohtori Sakuya

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018 days agoKazmazzaKazmazza
ghirahim (21 days ago) #2486357I didn't think of them like that ._____. I'll keep your advice in mind and try not to get any chests in that outfit.
Even tougher than the master quest one? (That one can be a bit difficult depending on what character you have to use.) The extra levels are definitely a good thing then ._.

Yeah tougher than a lot of the Master Quest one I think. A lot of the objectives in the TP one are new and varied not to mention the enemies seem to hit really hard making A ranking tough. :c
Seems everyone has new colours/costumes on the TP map,I don't have any but I've seen a couple Ghirahim and Lana on Miiverse. :o Ghirahims looked very cool - I wants it. @_@
021 days agoKazmazzaKazmazza
ghirahim (22 days ago) #2483870Don't you mean Link's postman outfit is a lot of fun?! I'm always playing as Link with that outfit and nobody can stop me >:)
Oooo, I'm really happy about that. I'd maxed out Link but it's good that he can go up another 51 levels now c:

Oh man the postman outfit - THOSE SHORTS ARE TOO TIGHT D: Seriously don't get a treasure chest in that outfit lol. ._.
It was sooooo annoying for me because my Link was lvl 98 and I planned to cap him before doing any new stuff... then I saw the update notes. >_<; I haven't done much on the new map but from what I hear it's pretty tough so I suppose the chance to gain extra levels is welcome.
022 days agoKazmazzaKazmazza
ghirahim (22 days ago) #2482924Another week or two :< How is it???
Awww man. :| It's really good, both Midna and Zeldas new weapon are a lot of fun. Maybe the best thing though is that the new adventure map actually looks different, has new music and new items. :)
There was also an update at the same time that made the item cap 999 and the level cap 150. o_o
023 days agoKazmazzaKazmazza
HW update was today! D: How much longer until your Wii U boyfriend gets back?
029 days ago (29 days ago)KazmazzaKazmazza
ghirahim (1 month ago) #2467849Maybe I'll see it on surugaya one day :') It's so rare to find stuff with the guys on it ;-;
She does! Ummm, it's a bit of a spoiler but as you've already seen's how she appears at the end of the game. My boyfriend is bringing it with him as he's driving. There's only so much I could take on the plane :')
I like most of them, except the Yoshi one (I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head.) I'm awful at that course. Are there any ones in particular you dislike?

It really is, those Petanko straps are the only thing I have of them. You got Kengo and Kyousuke from that set right?
Oooh ok, so that's like what Midna really looks like then. Cool. :) Less than a week to go now, who are you hoping the new weapon is for? I don't mind who it's for as long as it's not Link or Lana. >_>
Your boyfriend has to drive all the way back? :o How long a drive will that be? In my head, the fact that you got a plane back means it's a really long way. ._.
I think that one is called Yoshi Circuit and I agree, it's a bit of a pain. :| I like all of them really although I do think that Ice Ice outpost seems a bit boring, it feels like the track is really big but there's not much on it. Excitebike Arena is a little annoying online too because it's really hard to catch up after getting hit a few times. >_<;

EDIT: So, ignore what I said about HW because this japanese site (ext link) has lots of info on the new pack, including the new weapon, costumes and adventure map which is actually different woohoo! :D

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