ghirahimghirahim Needs more KyoukoClasses starting soon, so replies will be slower :<

About name is Alice! I'm currently attending univeristy where I'm studying a bachelor of science, majoring in Physics. I'm also studying Mathematics and a bit of Chemistry. I aspire to be a mad scientist an astrophysicist but I'm also interested in quantum physics. I really adore all animals, especially cats. My favourite breed of cat is a British Shorthair :3 I'm also a huge fan of pugs, guinea pigs, tigers, lions, leopards, pigs and ducks. I just have a hard time choosing favourites. I have three cats who are just gorgeous and a schnauzer c: I'm quite shy but I still do like talking to people on here. I'm currently really into visual novels (I'm currently playing Dramatical Murder Clear<3) and my favourite VNs are Little Busters! and Fate/Stay Night. I also enjoy playing RPGs, currently I'm playing FFX HD and I'm also a big fan of Nintendo, with The Legend of Zelda being my favourite game series from them.
Other than figures, I collect plush animals especially cats and cat things c: Plushies in general are a bit of a weakness for me and I love rubber straps, although I've slowed down a lot with collecting them.
I started collection after buying item #16729 and item #23155 from a convention. I decided to hunt down the Cloud Play Arts but ended up buying my first nendoroid instead, item #78582. From there I bought more nendoroids and figmas before eventually moving more towards scale figures. I mostly collect scales and nendoroids now, but I do still really like figmas c: I've also taken a bit of an interest in dolls, artbooks and doujinshi recently, but I haven't pursued those interests too much.
I mostly collect stuff from Key VNs, Madoka Magica and Eva now. I'd also like to get a Fate / Type Moon collection started as well mostly Rin and Archer stuff but that's been progressing quite slowly. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as my favourite characters from other series, but I've been sticking to this rule for the most part.
Favourite Characters: no particular order Sakura Kyouko, Tohsaka Rin, Arher (F/SN), Miyazawa Kengo, Tohno Akiha, Ayanami Rei, Nagisa Kaworu, Ikari Shinji, Clear, Mankanshoku Mako, Noumi Kudryavka,Illyasviel von Einzbern, Emiya Shirou, Kirei Kotomine, Kamio Misuzu, Ami Mizuno, Kiryuuin Satsuki, Armin Arlert, Senjougahara Hitagi, Kurugaya Yuiko, Yoshino Haruhiko, Ohtori Sakuya

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013 hours agoMaakieMaakie
ghirahim (2 days ago) #2259233I didn't notice my inbox was full >.<
I'll have to pass for now as I've gone a bit over budget recently, but thank you for offering! ^-^

No problem! :P

And that's too bad. :( Trades are a lot cheaper than selling/buying, so that's why I offered that! ;)

I put a comment on the item's page item #171767 which I will delete if it is traded or sold, so if you are still interested in a while, you can check there! :D
018 hours agoKazmazzaKazmazza
ghirahim (5 days ago) #2255091It would be so painful D:
Not to mention it might not even make it through customs as they can be funny about food :')
It would be :< I haven't baked a cake since I was 16 at school and that was pretty terrible. We had to make food from certain ingredients and I have this cream I had to use but not enough time to whip it soo I kind of just poured it over the top of this appley kind of cake I made |:
I reply back soon! I go back to university on Monday ;-; I forgot to tell you, I passed everything!

Oh yeah good point, I hadn't even thought of that. xD Ugh I always hated that about cooking at school, more often than not there just wasn't enough time to do it properly. :(
Excellent, congrats! :D So I guess you're back at uni now then...are you carrying every subject on? I got my results too actually I've had them for a while... oops :o Well, I passed too! 74% in the exam and 82% in overall courseworky stuff. c:
01 day agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
View spoilerHide spoilerghirahim (9 days ago) #2248065View spoilerHide spoiler
So have I :< I'm on holidays too but I just haven't spent a lot of time on here recently.
So would I but they're so expensive x.x Ferrets are really cute! I like all rodents actually, but apparently you can't have ferrets with guinea pigs as ferrets are predators?
It's a pretty funny story. Kami was standing near the rug and I think it was me (or perhaps my boyfriend? we were both there) moved the rug by accident and she got all cautious. So we moved it again slightly and she backed up a little more. We kept it still for a little while and she got curious and approached it, and then we moved it suddenly and she jumped straight into the air, it was hilarious :') She seems to have gotten over it now though. Now she's sleeping on my lap so I can't get up and go to bed ;-;
Ahhh, that sounds really unpleasant D: For some reason that story reminded me of leeches, which I really, really hate. Funnily enough, I've never had one though.
The prices of 64 games are ridiculous currently. I was curious and looked on eBay and Snowboard Kids 2 was selling for over $500 .___. Woops, my bad. They're on the Wii store but I believe Nintendo has plans to put 64 games on the virtual console for Wii U. I suppose you could always emulate them if you're desperate but it's not the same :<
I shouldn't buy another console, seeing as I have quite a few I'm happy with and I've been spending too much money recently anyway :') I only realised the other day I have to buy textbooks for this semester woops That's a really good idea! I've bought Ocarina of Time 3D (any excuse to play it again), Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks as it was only $20 and I actually haven't played it yet and Atelier Meruru which looks interesting, although I haven't started it yet. My boyfriend also bought Dynasty Warriors which I've played a bit of I'm getting super excited for Hyrule Warriors :3 I did it! I never thought I would, but I beat Penance and platinued the game ^^ I never used either of their overdrives much in the ps2 version so I can't say for sure. Wakka's attack reels take so long to master though ;-; It's okay! Hopefully it works.
I think they are as they did update their listing, I think they were just a bit clueless. Yes, real ones! I'm so glad I preordered her after seeing them. I actually have quite a lot of clothes but I don't wear a lot of them :') I haven't grown since I was 14 so I've kept a lot of stuff since then ;-;
I am! Fingers crossed for heaps of F/SN *cough*Rin*cough* stuff, not that my wallet can take it. I'm hoping for less Madoka stuff this time because I think I need a break from spending so much money on the series ;-; Although I'm sure we'll see an Akuma Homura nendoroid and maybe even some more Nagisa Momoe/Bebe stuff? What are you hoping for this time? There's so way I can say no to the GSC exclusives this time, Kyouko ;-;

Yeah I feel bad since I haven’t been talking as much. >: Have you/did you get up to much on your holidays?

I didn’t know that whoa now all I can think of is a ferret trying to eat a guinea pig ;o; surely it’d be too big for it to bother? I hope so anyway. XD Lol! That’s hilarious, I always find it funny when cats jump up so high in the air after getting a fright (I’m so mean). Aw sweet, I wish Nala would sleep on my lap >.>; she prefers to sleep on my mum’s sigh. That might be because of the pug though, he gets super jealous whenever I show Nala a bit of attention.

Ugh leeches, luckily I haven’t experiences with any leeches grabbing hold of me, a friend however managed to get about 10 on his leg once and that was scary as hell. Also had a friend who managed to get a huge tick on the back of her neck during a hike. >.> This is why I hate bugs.

Hmm I guess it makes sense though considering how old they are and how rare? Though I wouldn’t want to spend too much on just the cartridge XD but sometimes that’s the only option you have. Hmm well if they do end up putting all the old stuff on there It might actually make me want to grab a Wii U, I’m not a huge fan of emulating games. >.>;
That’s fair enough. Ahhh nooo, hope they don’t cost too much, study books always seem to add up though. Nice! I need to pick up some of the 3DS Zelda games myself, I’ve been neglegting my 3DS a lot. >.>; I grabbed a couple of the Atelier Meruru games as well but also haven’t started them yet ooops.
I seen you got the plat for X! I’m so jealous, come and do mine now please? :’) I’m taking a break from it for a while sigh (that’s my problem) have you started X-2 yet? Or are you going to give it a break for a while now? Yeah I hate Wakka’s attack reels, I could have sworn I was better at it on the PS2 version.

They look gorgeous together but crap finding the room to display them *together* is going to be a bit of a pain, I mean it’s probably do-able but at a cost of losing more figure space. XD But it seems they just have to be displayed together. *-* You’re so lucky lol.

I’m hoping to see that damn Gilgamesh painted but now that’s seeming more unlikely haha. I agree about Madoka but I would like to see a Akuma Homura nendo to go with the rest and a prototype of GSC’s Momoe finally would be nice too. Other than that I don’t know what I’m expecting or wanting to see this year >.>; guess I’ll just have to find out. So you’re definitely getting that Kyouko? Are you splitting Sayaka or keeping her?
02 days agoMaakieMaakie
Your inbox is full, that's why this wall post! ;D

I saw your (mfc link) list and I have item #171767 available new in seal!

So if you're still interested in that strap and have something nice to trade back I would like to hear! :D
06 days ago (6 days ago)KazmazzaKazmazza
ghirahim (6 days ago) #2253199Wow, that's an amazing Zelda cake! It is, but I don't even know if I would want to eat them, they look so pretty! I could always bake a cake and post it to you, although whether it would make it there would be a different story :')
Ahahahaha, that's hilarious but the kind of thing I would do as well ;-;

That's true, you would feel bad eating them, especially the first cut. ;-; As sweet and awesome as that would be, you're definitely right - it'd probably get here looking more like the ingredients you started with than the actual cake. xD
Hey now don't laugh so hard, it was pretty depressing you know haha... .__. I don't think I've baked a cake since either. :|
Oh, and I'll reply to your PM soon!

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