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07 years agoYuuka_KazamiYuuka_Kazami MMS Type Trap
Welcome to Tsuki-Board gunplaman!
Ohhh you are very awesome indeed.
A loli and tsundere fan, as well as Kamen Rider and Busou Shinki.
Perfect. Absolutely perfect.
Make sure to remind me to invite you into the lolicon club!
I hope you enjoy your stay!
07 years agofama226fama226 Micronize me
Quite the lucky connoisseur then, since Den O's still at the height of popularity I'd imagine that the driver must still be going for a fortune, Great to hear you have the Kabuto Zector, though I've heard it lacks the sound effects for "CLOCK UP", is that true? On a last note, I'm somewhat surprised to hear you have the double driver already, good lord every where I look its pricing is equivalent to a game console, pretty expensive stuff.
07 years agoTenmaTenma The Idolm@ster

Nice collection!

Enjoy your stay
07 years agoabielpaltaoabielpaltao
hi there gunplaman! welcome to tsukiboard! hope you enjoy your stay!

great mecha and riders. ^^
07 years agofama226fama226 Micronize me
Ha ha, I'll be sure to take that advice of yours and just stick with figuarts and S.I.C. when it comes to rider figures. I hear you on Kabuto, when Tendou got the Hyper Form the story started to head down the gutter, I was especially disappointed in the final episode with that whole "evil TV brodcast that turns everyone to natives" thing, and of course the death of Sasword/Tsurugi pretty much killed it for me as well. So you've gotten all of Decade DX toys? much be pretty awesome to have the Deca Driver at your disposal, do you by any chance have DX belts form other series's?

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