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If you are selling the straps/keychains/other goods on my wishlist, please PM me.

Figmas and nendoroids are life. I need to be able to change the poses of my figures since I get bored of how they look rather easily- which is also why I'm not too much into collecting scales. Also they are hella expensive lol

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- Muse: Maki, Nico / Nozo, Eli
- Aqours: You, Maru, Mari / Riko

* scales only if they're super pretty
* nendo and figma for best girls only
* will never dabble in: Umi, Rin, Honoka, Kotori / Yoshiko, Chika
* okay if the figure is pretty: Hanayo, Kanan, Dia, Ruby

- Yuri
- Victor
- JJ
- Seung Gil
- Christophe

Collection as of May 2017
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02 hours agoJess-chanJess-chan
Hey there! Finally my Yuri nendo arrived! He's so cute in person and worth the wait :D
01 day agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (1 day ago) #24758108I was watching that episode with my mom. She legit ran out of the room when Chris' sequence came on. His eros came on too strong for my mom Like honestly, he even said things like "I'm gonna come!" or something like that and I was just like NSFW NSFW X'DDD
Oh my gooood. GSC, plis deliver. ;; Their quality is always top-notch and amazing but GSC is quite notorious for making very static poses for male figures cough Tourabu cough While I usually don't mind static poses, I feel like it wouldn't be appropriate for Yuri and Victor. I hope they put them in a sexy skating position like MH and TW did, but like 9000 TIMES BETTER.
... Actually if TW Victor bargain bins hard like Pulchra Levi I might actually nab him help me
I went on the casual Yuri nendo comments section and people have commented things like "he's the next Miku" and I remember one particularly funny comment I was laughing at for hours, "Racing Yuuri 2018" X'DDDDD Sad thing is, I'd buy ALL of the Yuuri and Victor they come out with. ALL of them. Even if it's a racing Yuuri I hope they make the sportswear versions too. I need to buy two of that Victor so I can put Yuuri's head on Victor's sportswear and make it look like a sweet "wearing my fiancé's clothes" thing. X'D
OMG yes! The obon holiday! I almost forgot. Maybe sometime today or tomorrow we'll get updates on the GSC website about their release. Hopefully! GSC pls

I can't way as I blame your mum X'D omg at that point I was just like 'wtf even is this show anymore', it was a weird as at was hilarious.

That's my only worry T u T I really hope they give us some nice skating poses pair skating figure or we riot, istg

I'd be more than happy if GSC keeps churning out Yuuri Nendoroids XD I would totally buy a racing Yuuri as well tbh. Sportswear nendos would be great! I would be very tempted to do the same thing.

I hope so! I need my Victor Nendoroid, like, N O W xD
01 day ago (1 day ago)Majikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (2 days ago) #24735622Yes, you should totally make one. Everyone is so nice over there, too! :'D
I WAS CRINGING AND COVERING MY FACE WHEN CHRIS WAS SKATING. X'DDDDD I could not take the sleaziness, it's just so awkward and sends unpleasant chills down one's spine. It was almost embarrassing watching it. X'D I love him for that, though. And the fact that his theme song sounds like some modernized 90s porno BG
I will sell my whole soul for a figure like that tbh
Yeah, I doubt Otabek will get a casual version too. T_T But honestly, as long as they make him in some shape or form to go with Yurio I'm going to drop my money on both of them. Maybe I'll do a Victuuri/Otario shrine X'D
THE COAT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY YO. And I really hope they'll make a Victor nendo of when he had long hair (I forget what that version is called). Though knowing GSC he'd probably be an exclusive. X'D Though knowing me I'd probably jump on buying him in a heartbeat
AHHHH I KINDA WANNA HAVE AN ARMY OF YURIS TBH. And I think we are looking at a delay, unfortunately. T_T still no word on the GSC website.

I definitely will! I'll let you know when I get around to it :)

I admit to shielding my eyes a few times. The secondhand embarrassment was strong XD It really makes his character though, he just wouldn't be Chris without it. The music makes it even better worse.

Yep! They've confirmed at least that scales are in the planning stage, no idea what characters or what outfits but I'm excited anyway! I think it was mentioned when they announced the casual Nendoroids. Haha~ well I won't be irrationally buying him anytime soon. So my wallet is safe for now, if he bargain bins after release I might be interested X'D But we'll see, that face might very well haunt my dreams.

You must create the Victuri/Otario shrine if Otabek gets a Nendo!

omg yes. I need a long haired Victor Nendoroid in my life. Give me a Young Victor and Young Yuuri Nendoroid now, GSC! But yeah, you're right long haired Victor absolutely be an exclusive if they ever decide to do it T u T I'd order him so damn fast though

Apparently GSC was on Holiday 11th to 16th so maybe there's still hope he hasn't been delayed. The Nendoroid More Suits are being released this month, I need my Victor to dress up with Yuuri X'D lol
02 days ago (2 days ago)CicielyCiciely
I compare waiting for a proto-limbo figure to waiting for KH3 LOL. But, no, never give up! Never surrender! I only collect male figures (even my non-human types are) so I'm over-the-moon about this male fig boom right now. Seeing beautiful figures of boys I don't know helps me find new shows too. I've got it baaaad for sword types too! Hahaha. I was surprised at myself when I loved Haikyuu and YOI so much. I'm trying to peek my head into idol hell but I've got my types like everybody else and a lot of idol characters come off as too girly for my tastes. Y'know that "I'm clueless at literally every turn and can't even hold chopsticks without them dramatically flying away and crying because of it" over the top type? It gets on my nerves. Sword types are so manly and can be cocky and *begins babbling* ლ(´ڡ`ლ)...
I wanna give Yahoo Japan Auctions a try but I don't really grasp the proxy idea too well and I think it'll be much more of a headache and partial scare for me, so I'll stick with Mandarake (just found Jungle last night!) for now.
Thank you! I made a discord for a MAL group and never used it. I'll re-download it and add you right now. I get discouraged from talking in large groups online so it's a bit hard for me to reach out and talk about this hobby. Commenting on blog articles here at first was a struggle. I have 1 friend in rl who collects but he's only into NSFW girls and my other buddy only collects manga, and the rest of my friends don't collect period. My boyfriend collects an array of things (yugioh cards is his biggest for now) but has no interest in anime. It's nice he listens to me rant and appreciates my collection, noticing new ones and asking who they are but, it's nice to see someone else get excited or know the struggle/rarity of one.
02 days agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (4 days ago) #24675502VITYA IS TOO ADORABLE KLDGJKLDJSGG I WANT A POODLE NOW TOO. Also, if you have an account over at the MFC Discord, we can talk there too. ;D
Fanservice to me is like... doing sexual things or things that make people feel good in general for no reason. For example, beautifying things that are not traditionally viewed to be that way (such as anthropomorphized ships and swords), or sticking those kinds of things in situations they are uncalled for. No one needs scantily clad females with huge boobs bouncing around to fight monsters. Or scantily clad females in anything short of hentai. THOSE are fanservice. But while Yuuri and Victor's moments were indeed squeal-inducing, they were integral to the point of the plot. It shows how Yuri matures and manages to get out of his shell through the help of his relationships, his relationship with Victor being the most important of them. I guess the extent of the fanservice we get from YoI is Chris' antics (YOU LEAVE ME SO BREATHLESS *cue bad 90s erotic man moans*), but calling their relationship mere fanservice is a disservice to me. I've watched pretty much all of the yaoi that exists, I've read a lot of yaoi quite extensively, and YoI is just on a different level to them. To me it's almost downright insulting to compare YoI to those, tbh. But that's just me.
I really am just waiting for GSC and Alter to jump on the bandwagon, because I know we will get quality scales from them. It's one of the reasons why I am not buying MH's Victor either, even if there is a Yuri confirmed. Kotobukiya did a good job on Victor (so much so I PO'ed him even without a Yuri confirmed because I know he will be there someday) but I am disappointed that they didn't announce a Yuri. Like why. T_T
I am just really, really, REALLY hoping Alter releases a figure of them TOGETHER, like the MakoHaru one from Free!. Maybe I've said this before but I will say it again because I cannot stop wishing and hoping for it. Possibly a scene from the ending performance in the anime where they were skating together sjghksjghjsgh HNNNNNGH. ALTER I JUST GAVE YOU AN IDEA FOR LOTS OF MONEY YOU DON'T EVEN NEED TO PAY ME JUST DO IT RIGHT NOW AND GIVE ME THE FIGURE FOR FREE SINCE I GAVE YOU THE IDEA //SHOT
Yurio will be ordered once Otabek is confirmed. Even just their skating outfits, really. I don't know if GSC will have half a mind to make a casual version of Otabek, but if they do then that's when I'll get Yurio's casual version. But for now I am hell bent on getting Yurio's skating nendo if they make or at least announce an Otabek one.
THE COAT IS REQUIRED FOR COACH VICTOR. Also how did you find out my plan to put him in the lady office suits did you read my mind
Also yes! I got him and he is PERFECT. I did a little review for him here, too! >u<

Haha~ Thank you~! I actually don't have a Discord account X'D I really should make one though.

Very true. I'm not even sure I could call Chris' antics 'fanservice' but more 'cringe inducing' moments lol I've seen FAR too many Yaoi/BL anime and you're spot on, to call YOI a Yaoi or BL anime is most definitely an insult.

I'm like 99% sure Alter will give us SOMETHING. GSC/OR has confirmed they're working on scales so that's at least something :'D I'm a completions so I'm finding it hard to resist ordering Toy's Work god awful Victor simply because there is a Yuuri planned, some one stop me. I will still probably hold out for a Yuuri prototype before I do anything stupid like pre-ordering Victor and his horrific face though.

OMg yes. I need a pair skating figure in my life! I don't think we should loose hope yet, if Alter was smart enough to release that MakoHaru figure surely a Victuri figure would be a given. They HAVE to be aware people would pay a fair sum of money for a figure of them together. I will sell you a small part of my soul for a pair skating figure Alter. DO THE THING!

I somehow doubt Otabek would get a casual version, but a skating one is definitely a possibility. Given how well Victor and Yuuri are selling I think they'll either keep making the main 3 or try to release some other characters. Only time will tell...

If they don't give him a coat I'll riot. I remembered you replying to one of my comments on the secret suit. I was immediately just like. YES. I must do this XD

Isn't he just!? I got my second one the other day, still equally as excited to receive him as the first one. Can't wait to get those Nendo suits now. Victor too of course! I hope GSC announces a release date soon.

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