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03 hours agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (2 days ago) #24908879I don't mind if it's a GSC exclusive so long as we get the rings I NEED DEM RINGS DAMMIT But yes I think we should politely and not so subtly email GSC about these money making ideas. Milk us dry, GSC! Milk us dry! AND OMG YES THE CHURCH BACKGROUND SJGHSKJGHSDG. I will forever display them like that. FOREVER.
Yes. I want prototypes of casual Yuuri and coach Victor omg. I need them. And then they need to be up for pre-order so I can PO them the minute they're available. I am just a tad obsessed. Just a tad.

The amount of extra money I'd be willing to spend for GSC exclusive rings is terrifying. The temptation is real, I mean why would they not want some feedback on how to make even more money than they already do X'D Same tbh, I need a Nendoroid set like that in my life. N O W.

Obsessed? Nah, pfft- of course not > 3 >b My mother likes to continually point how obsessed I am with Victor and Yuuri every time she sees I get more merchandise of them :'D I get it mum. plz stop. I'll be going all 'FS Yuuri release' on them, putting sticky notes everywhere with release time reminders xP I can't wait to see what kind of faceplates they'll come with. Yuuri's little shocked/embarrassed expression looks adorable but I can't help but wonder what kind of faceplates GSC is going to give Victor. A shocked one to go with FS Yuuri doing a quad flip would be nice though :D Bashful Victor would also be much appreciated~ So many possibilities for him and Yuuri too!
01 day agoJess-chanJess-chan
gwendal738-2 (2 days ago) #24909013OMG! You should post some photos of him! :'D

Hmm, I shall do that! :D
03 days agoJess-chanJess-chan
gwendal738-2 (4 days ago) #24845000OMG I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Enjoy him to the fullest :'D <3
I will! I think I spent an hour taking pics of him!
03 days agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (3 days ago) #24849306Oh my god yes! Or maybe coach Victor should have them. Or that twin pack. I'll pay good money for that twin pack with the missing nuts. GSC ARE YOU READING THIS YOU BETTER BE READING THIS COME ON THIS CONVERSATION IS LIKE A MONEY BAG FOR YOU GIVE US WHAT WE WANT
I honestly would play with the figma Yuuri and Victor so much if they ever make them. I'd have to buy a second set to actually display. SEE THIS GSC LOOK AT THIS YOU ARE PRETTY MUCH TAKING MY SALARY FOR YOURSELF DO IT ALREADY.

I'd be so happy if coach Victor comes with them. Knowing GSC they'd probably be a GSC shop exclusive or something though. I wonder how I could politely email GSC and not so subtly suggest all of these things, haha~ The twin pack would of course need to have the church background on the inner part of the box.

Honestly, same here XD TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY GSC. JUST DO IT.

I cannot wait to read that review XD Humorous reviews are the best kind! After Victor arrives then we've just got to wait until November for Yuuri's FS Nendoroid :'D Hopefully we might see prototypes for Casual Yuuri and Coach Victor in between time.
04 days agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (5 days ago) #24809371YOU KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN?
Also they need to make figmas of them already dammit they are like the perfect subjects for figmas. Plus they can make like 9000 versions of those too and I would buy all of them COME ON GSC DON'T YOU LIKE MONEY


It'd be nice if the two casual Nendoroids came with them :'D Even nicer would be a Nendoroid twin pack of Yuuri and Victor with their 'proposal' outfits~ <3 empty space in the blister packaging for the missing nuts bag optional XD

Figmas need to be a thing. It'll be a lost opportunity if GSC don't make them. It's a figure skating anime GSC, we want to be able to pose them in skating/action poses. And by skating poses I mean pair skating poses

I got the email from GSC!! SO. EXCITED.
04 days agoJess-chanJess-chan
Hey there! Finally my Yuri nendo arrived! He's so cute in person and worth the wait :D
05 days agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (6 days ago) #24758108I was watching that episode with my mom. She legit ran out of the room when Chris' sequence came on. His eros came on too strong for my mom Like honestly, he even said things like "I'm gonna come!" or something like that and I was just like NSFW NSFW X'DDD
Oh my gooood. GSC, plis deliver. ;; Their quality is always top-notch and amazing but GSC is quite notorious for making very static poses for male figures cough Tourabu cough While I usually don't mind static poses, I feel like it wouldn't be appropriate for Yuri and Victor. I hope they put them in a sexy skating position like MH and TW did, but like 9000 TIMES BETTER.
... Actually if TW Victor bargain bins hard like Pulchra Levi I might actually nab him help me
I went on the casual Yuri nendo comments section and people have commented things like "he's the next Miku" and I remember one particularly funny comment I was laughing at for hours, "Racing Yuuri 2018" X'DDDDD Sad thing is, I'd buy ALL of the Yuuri and Victor they come out with. ALL of them. Even if it's a racing Yuuri I hope they make the sportswear versions too. I need to buy two of that Victor so I can put Yuuri's head on Victor's sportswear and make it look like a sweet "wearing my fiancé's clothes" thing. X'D
OMG yes! The obon holiday! I almost forgot. Maybe sometime today or tomorrow we'll get updates on the GSC website about their release. Hopefully! GSC pls

I can't way as I blame your mum X'D omg at that point I was just like 'wtf even is this show anymore', it was a weird as at was hilarious.

That's my only worry T u T I really hope they give us some nice skating poses pair skating figure or we riot, istg

I'd be more than happy if GSC keeps churning out Yuuri Nendoroids XD I would totally buy a racing Yuuri as well tbh. Sportswear nendos would be great! I would be very tempted to do the same thing.

I hope so! I need my Victor Nendoroid, like, N O W xD
06 days ago (6 days ago)Majikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (6 days ago) #24735622Yes, you should totally make one. Everyone is so nice over there, too! :'D
I WAS CRINGING AND COVERING MY FACE WHEN CHRIS WAS SKATING. X'DDDDD I could not take the sleaziness, it's just so awkward and sends unpleasant chills down one's spine. It was almost embarrassing watching it. X'D I love him for that, though. And the fact that his theme song sounds like some modernized 90s porno BG
I will sell my whole soul for a figure like that tbh
Yeah, I doubt Otabek will get a casual version too. T_T But honestly, as long as they make him in some shape or form to go with Yurio I'm going to drop my money on both of them. Maybe I'll do a Victuuri/Otario shrine X'D
THE COAT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY YO. And I really hope they'll make a Victor nendo of when he had long hair (I forget what that version is called). Though knowing GSC he'd probably be an exclusive. X'D Though knowing me I'd probably jump on buying him in a heartbeat
AHHHH I KINDA WANNA HAVE AN ARMY OF YURIS TBH. And I think we are looking at a delay, unfortunately. T_T still no word on the GSC website.

I definitely will! I'll let you know when I get around to it :)

I admit to shielding my eyes a few times. The secondhand embarrassment was strong XD It really makes his character though, he just wouldn't be Chris without it. The music makes it even better worse.

Yep! They've confirmed at least that scales are in the planning stage, no idea what characters or what outfits but I'm excited anyway! I think it was mentioned when they announced the casual Nendoroids. Haha~ well I won't be irrationally buying him anytime soon. So my wallet is safe for now, if he bargain bins after release I might be interested X'D But we'll see, that face might very well haunt my dreams.

You must create the Victuri/Otario shrine if Otabek gets a Nendo!

omg yes. I need a long haired Victor Nendoroid in my life. Give me a Young Victor and Young Yuuri Nendoroid now, GSC! But yeah, you're right long haired Victor absolutely be an exclusive if they ever decide to do it T u T I'd order him so damn fast though

Apparently GSC was on Holiday 11th to 16th so maybe there's still hope he hasn't been delayed. The Nendoroid More Suits are being released this month, I need my Victor to dress up with Yuuri X'D lol
06 days ago (6 days ago)CicielyCiciely
I compare waiting for a proto-limbo figure to waiting for KH3 LOL. But, no, never give up! Never surrender! I only collect male figures (even my non-human types are) so I'm over-the-moon about this male fig boom right now. Seeing beautiful figures of boys I don't know helps me find new shows too. I've got it baaaad for sword types too! Hahaha. I was surprised at myself when I loved Haikyuu and YOI so much. I'm trying to peek my head into idol hell but I've got my types like everybody else and a lot of idol characters come off as too girly for my tastes. Y'know that "I'm clueless at literally every turn and can't even hold chopsticks without them dramatically flying away and crying because of it" over the top type? It gets on my nerves. Sword types are so manly and can be cocky and *begins babbling* ლ(´ڡ`ლ)...
I wanna give Yahoo Japan Auctions a try but I don't really grasp the proxy idea too well and I think it'll be much more of a headache and partial scare for me, so I'll stick with Mandarake (just found Jungle last night!) for now.
Thank you! I made a discord for a MAL group and never used it. I'll re-download it and add you right now. I get discouraged from talking in large groups online so it's a bit hard for me to reach out and talk about this hobby. Commenting on blog articles here at first was a struggle. I have 1 friend in rl who collects but he's only into NSFW girls and my other buddy only collects manga, and the rest of my friends don't collect period. My boyfriend collects an array of things (yugioh cards is his biggest for now) but has no interest in anime. It's nice he listens to me rant and appreciates my collection, noticing new ones and asking who they are but, it's nice to see someone else get excited or know the struggle/rarity of one.
07 days agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (8 days ago) #24675502VITYA IS TOO ADORABLE KLDGJKLDJSGG I WANT A POODLE NOW TOO. Also, if you have an account over at the MFC Discord, we can talk there too. ;D
Fanservice to me is like... doing sexual things or things that make people feel good in general for no reason. For example, beautifying things that are not traditionally viewed to be that way (such as anthropomorphized ships and swords), or sticking those kinds of things in situations they are uncalled for. No one needs scantily clad females with huge boobs bouncing around to fight monsters. Or scantily clad females in anything short of hentai. THOSE are fanservice. But while Yuuri and Victor's moments were indeed squeal-inducing, they were integral to the point of the plot. It shows how Yuri matures and manages to get out of his shell through the help of his relationships, his relationship with Victor being the most important of them. I guess the extent of the fanservice we get from YoI is Chris' antics (YOU LEAVE ME SO BREATHLESS *cue bad 90s erotic man moans*), but calling their relationship mere fanservice is a disservice to me. I've watched pretty much all of the yaoi that exists, I've read a lot of yaoi quite extensively, and YoI is just on a different level to them. To me it's almost downright insulting to compare YoI to those, tbh. But that's just me.
I really am just waiting for GSC and Alter to jump on the bandwagon, because I know we will get quality scales from them. It's one of the reasons why I am not buying MH's Victor either, even if there is a Yuri confirmed. Kotobukiya did a good job on Victor (so much so I PO'ed him even without a Yuri confirmed because I know he will be there someday) but I am disappointed that they didn't announce a Yuri. Like why. T_T
I am just really, really, REALLY hoping Alter releases a figure of them TOGETHER, like the MakoHaru one from Free!. Maybe I've said this before but I will say it again because I cannot stop wishing and hoping for it. Possibly a scene from the ending performance in the anime where they were skating together sjghksjghjsgh HNNNNNGH. ALTER I JUST GAVE YOU AN IDEA FOR LOTS OF MONEY YOU DON'T EVEN NEED TO PAY ME JUST DO IT RIGHT NOW AND GIVE ME THE FIGURE FOR FREE SINCE I GAVE YOU THE IDEA //SHOT
Yurio will be ordered once Otabek is confirmed. Even just their skating outfits, really. I don't know if GSC will have half a mind to make a casual version of Otabek, but if they do then that's when I'll get Yurio's casual version. But for now I am hell bent on getting Yurio's skating nendo if they make or at least announce an Otabek one.
THE COAT IS REQUIRED FOR COACH VICTOR. Also how did you find out my plan to put him in the lady office suits did you read my mind
Also yes! I got him and he is PERFECT. I did a little review for him here, too! >u<

Haha~ Thank you~! I actually don't have a Discord account X'D I really should make one though.

Very true. I'm not even sure I could call Chris' antics 'fanservice' but more 'cringe inducing' moments lol I've seen FAR too many Yaoi/BL anime and you're spot on, to call YOI a Yaoi or BL anime is most definitely an insult.

I'm like 99% sure Alter will give us SOMETHING. GSC/OR has confirmed they're working on scales so that's at least something :'D I'm a completions so I'm finding it hard to resist ordering Toy's Work god awful Victor simply because there is a Yuuri planned, some one stop me. I will still probably hold out for a Yuuri prototype before I do anything stupid like pre-ordering Victor and his horrific face though.

OMg yes. I need a pair skating figure in my life! I don't think we should loose hope yet, if Alter was smart enough to release that MakoHaru figure surely a Victuri figure would be a given. They HAVE to be aware people would pay a fair sum of money for a figure of them together. I will sell you a small part of my soul for a pair skating figure Alter. DO THE THING!

I somehow doubt Otabek would get a casual version, but a skating one is definitely a possibility. Given how well Victor and Yuuri are selling I think they'll either keep making the main 3 or try to release some other characters. Only time will tell...

If they don't give him a coat I'll riot. I remembered you replying to one of my comments on the secret suit. I was immediately just like. YES. I must do this XD

Isn't he just!? I got my second one the other day, still equally as excited to receive him as the first one. Can't wait to get those Nendo suits now. Victor too of course! I hope GSC announces a release date soon.
07 days ago (7 days ago)CicielyCiciely
I constantly worry about limbo prototypes or a figure never getting anything! Like, all the Bleach figures I pretty much hate. I wish a company would just do a few more of better quality.
"collecting maniac" YES!! LOL. I collected stuffed animals, those little creatures made out of fur, marbles, snow globes, etc as a kid.
I've got preorders till november I believe. Almost every other day I'm checking Mandarake, etc for preowned deals (Which is starting to become an issue). I just found out the existence of shikishi 2 days ago and how cute they'd look behind some figures on the wall/as case backgrounds. I bought a fuck ton of non-anime figures on my birthday from a local toy/comic shop.
I didn't know there was an MFC Discord :o I use snapchat the most out of anything but I understand if that's a bit personal, idk! ALSO, THANKS!!! It was my best birthday yet!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
08 days agoCicielyCiciely
Exactly, it's not like these companies are being asked to make a figure of a side-character from a manga that has no indication of getting an anime series. It's YURI from Yuri on Ice!!! for godsake! GSC is obviously on the ball with the nendoroids (already 3 Yuri's!).
I said the same thing! Hahahah, "Anything Yuri/Victor I've gotta have it!!! *Sees Victor's scales* "....scratch that.." Sometimes I forget that things huge in Japan differ from say, the US.
I've always collected different things but being an adult with money, seeing companies make statues/scales/posable figs/etc, I'm losing my mind and playing catch up as well. Just yesterday I was debating getting into 1/4 & 1/6 scale statues (The mugen up for preorder tomorrow and an old sly cooper statue still available!! (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)), which I know will be the end of my wallet (My 21st birthday was friday so I went a little overboard with self gifts.) but this is truly the stuff dreams are made of- for me at least. I'm living a childhood dream honestly. It's refreshing talking about it all on here with like-minded people. I hope the recent return to collecting has been good for you!
08 days agoCicielyCiciely
I'm hoping Alter does a combo statue of them as well! I haven't been collecting these types of figures long but I understand items can tank, I get quite anxious thinking about the gamble though. I want Victor in his prince outfit but not with TW's busted face, I agree. (Their Makoto looks busted. Thankfully, I'm not a huge Free! fan.) I don't think they're gonna change a single thing considering they lowered the price. I'd love to see you do a review of your Koto Victor when you get him, maybe then I'll see a light or something, ahahah. I think he's great looking if I wanted him watching Yuri skate but like I mentioned, I think he'll look out of place in my cases. I've got mixed feelings about MegaHouse's Victor. If the outfit was different I think I would've gotten him. I feel he was rushed and not much thought went into him. Also, why have they only rushed Victor's scales? I feel like Yuri is just as popular and plenty of people want them together. You'd think they would at least have prototype photos out already.
08 days agoCicielyCiciely
Yuri nendo aside, I did wanna ask you something! What's your opinion on Toy Work's YOI figures? I saw you ordered Koto's coach ver. I think he's great but I'm unsure if that's the right fit for my collection. I feel like GSC's scales are my last hope and those aren't even shown yet.
010 days agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (12 days ago) #24548451I have a twitter... I use for nothing except to retweet promo stuff. X'D But I guess it has a DM feature so maybe it might be good to converse there? Not sure if there is a word limit though.
YES ABOUT THE RELATABLE-NESS (is that a word let's make that a word). It's the whole reason I love Yuuri so much. It's a bit weird to say this about an anime character I think, but I don't care- I'm going to say it anyway. X'D I felt like I grew with him as a person as the series progressed. People who say it's just another typical shounen-ai/fanservice anime can't be any more wrong. This series is much deeper than that. Yuuri is much deeper than that. With all his struggles and how he viewed himself and how he overcame not only the skating competition, but also his internal war with himself just made me see myself in him. Yuuri really gives me hope, because even if he didn't win the grand prix in the end, the fact that he came that far in only a matter of what, a few months, a year? meant that he really matured and grew. And I love that.
I think everyone has the same opinion about Toy's Works Victor, actually. At this point, he looks so bad that I don't even want to see what they will do with Yuuri -.-;;; I am waiting for him to be released and to tank like no tomorrow. I remember what happened with Pulchra's Levi a couple years ago- he was so bad I saw him being sold for $20 at one anime site, though I don't remember which X'DDD
I was actually also about to pre-order MH's Victor. Maybe I will, actually. He looks like gold compared to Toy's Works Victor. X'DDD
GSC is god at this point, I swear. I love how they're releasing so many versions of the main trio. I would love it tbh if they released nendos of my other favorite skaters too (Sleazy Perv Chris, Inflated Ego JJ, The One with the Cute Dog Seung -- Lol this is how I personally refer to them), but I don't mind that they are releasing like 9000 versions of Yuri and Victor. Keep them coming, GSC. Keep them coming. My wallet and bank account are yours. =v=
I would only buy Yurio if they decide to release Otabek too. I don't like either of them on their own, but I love both of them together. Not as much as Vikturi obviously but. The love is there X'D
Confession time: I bought the whole set of nendoroid suits precisely and only for Victor to use. X'DDDDD Now that they're releasing a coach version of him I kinda regret it but. Until coach Victor is released, he will be changing into any of those suits in the set that I got for him while he watches over Yuuri practice his skating. =v=
ONE MORE DAY. I can't wait to get my gae. <3

(Sorry for the late-ish reply! I got a new puppy recently and he's been keeping me very busy X'D haha~)

I use my Twitter for basically the same thing XD And I've got no idea if there is a word limit with the DM feature, I don't use it enough.

Completely 100% agree with everything you said! In a way I think Yuuri made me feel more confident in myself and my abilities. Honestly if people still think YOI was just another fanservice anime then I don't think they were watching the same show I did. The writing was impeccable and the blossoming relationship between Yuuri and Victor was done so flawlessly I fail to see how that could be classified as 'fanservice'.

I'm still clinging to the hope they might fix his face T u T but I feel like that's a hollow dream. I fear for Yuuri's poor scale, I love his FS outfit so I'm going to be really sad if they make a mess of his face too. It's hard to say if Victor will hit the bargain bin, honestly all signs point to that but given it's Victor and YOI fans are pretty crazy when it comes to merchandise, who knows o.O;;
I instantly felt better about pre-ordering MHs Victor once I saw Toy's Works Victor. At least MH Victor's face doesn't look like it was hit with a frying pan.

All hail GSC. They can take my money any day if they keep releasing YOI figures X'D I think it would be a missed opportunity if they don't make a few of the other skaters. While I personally wouldn't buy them I know a lot of them have fairly sizable fanbases who would appreciate it :)

Honestly, if they don't make an Otabek Nendo they may as well be crazy. If people buy Yurio I could almost guarantee them those people would buy Otabek too X'D It'll be interesting to see. As far as I'm concerned though; give me ALL the Yuuri and Victor Nendoroids, haha~

The desire to put Victor in an office lady suit is strong X'D lol I foresee many amusing photos coming up this month featuring Nendo Victor in a skirt and Nendo Yuuri freaking out about how good Victor looks. It shall be done! I plan on treating the suits just like some kind of formal attire, not so much coaching so I regret nothing~ lololol I just hope when GSC announce Coach Victor's design he has his coat on, a plain suit might be a bit lacklustre.

Have you got your adorable Yuuri now?
012 days agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (13 days ago) #24527738Maybe it might be a bit weird having this conversation on the profile page for everyone to see, but. Hey, we gotta work with what we have (unless you have some other way/social media/social meessaging app you wanna use? I'm open to that too!) XD
I'm more of a Yuri bias because he is literally my most favorite character of all time, but Vikturi has also definitely consumed my life TuT Honestly, I have done nothing this past summer except re-watch over and over the 'engagement' scene and the 'kiss' scene lol. I must have rewatched it so many times I can actually hear (and I've almost memorized) the Japanese audio lolololol.
There's one issue I wanted to discuss with a fellow YoI fan, actually. How do you feel about Toy's Works' Victor? To me it just seems so... Idk. But I don't like him. ;; Seriously, what is up with these companies releasing subpar Victors? HIS BEAUTY IS NOT CAPTURED PERFECTLY I only really liked (and pre-ordered) Koto's Victor. And I am praying and hoping SOMEONE would release Yuri. I don't mind Victor at all, I am extremely fond of him, but. Hey figure companies, Yuri is the main main chara, yanno, ? ToT With all the Victors being released you'd think the show is called Victor!! on Ice LOL
Also, did you manage to pre-order the limited edition (Free Skate version) of the Yuri nendoroid from GSC? :D The moment pre-orders opened I jumped right onto ordering him. X'D

I've got a Twitter and a Tumblr if you'd prefer one of those, but no messaging app unfortunately xD

Out of the two, I'd have to say I'm more partial to Yuuri as well XD I adore them both, and how beautifully their relationship was played out but Yuuri is definitely a very relatable character. I still squeal internally whenever I even think about that 'kiss' scene xP the engagement scene though, I can still remember first watching it and literally just saying 'omg it's happening. it's actually happening' over and over again, I think I might have even teared up out of joy.

Toy's Works Victor makes me both incredibly angry and also really sad because god damn Toy's Works you had one damn job and you ruined his face >:( I have MegaHouse Victor ordered, at least his face isn't too bad and there is a matching Yuuri planned so that's a plus. I do rather like Kotos Victor and if they announce a Yuuri to go with him I'd pre-order him in a heart beat. But until then, I'll admire him from afar :'D And yeah, why so many Victor scales? I really hate how neglected Yuuri is in the scale department. I know Victor is the most popular character in Japan (apparently) but come on. Like you said, it's Yuri!!! On Ice not Victor!!! On Ice.

At least GSC/OR have got us covered with the Yuuri Nendoroids! Dear lord I hope the scales are announced soon T u T And I pre-ordered FS Yuuri's Nendoroid as soon as the clock ticked over as well! I wasn't taking any chances and missing out XD haha~ the site was running so slow I think a lot of people must have had the same idea. I'm super excited for his casual Nendoroid a well, he's going to be adorable and of course Coach Victor too.
012 days agoAkizaAkiza
gwendal738-2 (12 days ago) #24535593Oh wow, that is actually super helpful! Thanks so much. I might try my hand at repairing my figure then. The addition of the makeshift chains really make the figure pop! Genius :D

Yeah took maybe a couple hours to do. Make sure you drill deep enough in if you don't it will wooble, but be careful with the gun. Here are some pictures of the actual pins, and holes drilled. [ext link ]
Hope this helps.
012 days agoAkizaAkiza
gwendal738-2 (12 days ago) #24534943Hey there! I saw your post on item #25218 and I am curious how you repaired your figure. Honestly mine is so broken it's beyond repair lol. But I really want to see what ahe looks like after your repairs, so could you possibly post some pictures? Thanks a lot :'D

So mine had two broken pegs the one going into the two floating rocks and the once from the cannon into the rocks.
[ext link ]

Those are the pictures of it with the new pins in place. They are metal so they won't break. And the last is what she looks like. I learned to do this from working with garage kits, because the resin needs these to hold its weight.
I did use to thick of a wire for the bottom one which is why it shows, but it is hardly noticeable.
Glue isn't strong enough which is why I did what I did.
013 days agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (14 days ago) #24471813Can we like be friends because honestly you are the best and also the worst in terms of torturing your wallet Viktuuri fan I know and anyone like that is alright in my book
Very, VERY alright ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Also I need someone to fangirl with my best friend doesn't like Yuri on Ice I am considering breaking ties with her LOLOLOLOL

I've become numb to the screams of my wallet, lol xD And thanks, Victor and Yuuri have definitely consumed my life. No regrets xP

Any fan of Victor or YOI in general for that matter is a friend of mine!

None of my friends watch YOI either T u T Though I don't speak with them much these days so having someone to fangirl with over YOI would be awesome :D FR accepted!
020 days agoabiabi
Hi!Thank you! just accepted your FR ;) gwendal738-2 (20 days ago) #24211604Hey there! sent you an FR to help me keep track of the people I buy from. Thanks a lot! :D

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