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I just started figure collecting in 2012 and has been a lurker of mfc for months back then.

I wish to share my passion with MFC Members too and connect with people with similar passion.

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03 years agomaggiemaggie
Saw you posting about RAHs so I delved into your profile a bit ^_^;; I had to laugh at your 'newbie' assessment, especially with Naruto RAH. I love my RAHs very much, but Naruto pisses me off to the Nth degree with those pants that just will not allow him to have a dynamic pose. I adore posing mine juuust right (detest making them simply stand there) and I spend much time doing so until I am satisfied. Naruto has bested me at this, I just can't make him do what I want. As he's supposed to be a ninja, I find this a massive failure on Medicom's part.

You have the same Ed and Al as I do (FMA), I was also taken aback at Al being just a big hunk of vinyl (though my boyfriend was instantly in love with him). I see improvement in the new RAHs as I went and collected the older ones I was wanting, while simultaneously getting new releases.

None of the new ones are striking your fancy? I don't see anything on your 'wished' or 'ordered' list.

I also very much liked your comment about how the scale is off, but how anime bodies are wonky and Hot Toys are more anatomy-based. I want to make some custom RAHs, but all their bodies seem to be custom-made for that character, makes me feel odd using a standard body. I'd love to buy Hot Toys but it's best I don't dive down that rabbit hole.
03 years agoWingWing
Awesome! nice to see fellow otaku from Brunei, I have a few other otaku friends from Brunei and if you like, I think it would be a nice idea to meet up over coffee and chat about our hobby and share ideas :) And you're right, its surprising how many of us are hidden within Brunei, I was also surprised when i first signed up on MFC.

hajusopu (3 years ago) #1753142Hey.You're active still in MFC thats great news.Thanks for the FR accept.I remember seeing your room setup and thought to myself "wow this guy go to great lengths arranging his figure"...Not once it crossed my mind we're from the same country until I've seen the Brunei Club.
03 years agoWingWing
Heya! Thanks for the FR and it's nice to see another persona fan XD. Hope to see more of your blogs as well, keep it up :)
04 years agoGothlequinGothlequin
Welcome to MFC lurker! XD Feel free to ask any questions and I can try and help! Enjoy your stay ^^
04 years agoOyamatsumiOyamatsumi 大山積命
Hello !
Welcome to you (^_-)*

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