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Rather than focusing on figures, I'm actually more of an avid Fullmetal Alchemist and Arakawa Hiromu collector. It's my favorite work of fiction ever and I've been compiling stuff related to it since 2003-04. I don't think much (or nothing at all) of the anime(s), but I still buy the DVDs/CDs/guides/etc. because I'm a moron for completion's sake. At least the 2009 one has no nazis. There's always that. See my Fullmetal Alchemist wishlist here!

But of course my collection is gravitating towards Silver Spoon right now, and I'll be making loot blog entries as I get new items! With the anime airing I expect more goods to show up, so yeah, exciting times~

I also compulsively purchase doujinshi from various series — although the bulk of my collection consists of Roy/Hawkeye, with more than 480 books focused on the pairing and growing.

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01 year agoMaakieMaakie

Maybe a bit of a weird question, but with your item #13245 is the spark on Roy's hand also placed super weird?

Mine is like this:


and I'm trying to find out if I got some weird manufacturer defect, a strangely repaired one (as I got it secondhand) or that it is supposed to be like this. xD

Thanks for your time!
02 years agoChiichaiChiichai
I love you <3 you like gin no saji <3 is great
02 years agoYuriko-nekoYuriko-neko
Hace tiempo que no pasas x aquí pero... Feliz cumpleee!! Que pases un buen día y que caigan muchos regaluuuus >3<
02 years agoNaku-ChanNaku-Chan
Have a great Birthday Hamster factor! Mine shall be this friday :D We can be birthday buddies lol
03 years agokirarakimkirarakim
Haven't talked in awhile it seems but hope you have a very Happy Birthday!

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