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01 hour agoPanduhrPanduhr
heatsignature (1 day ago) #3014740Probably LOL, the past couple of months have been a struggle but the next few days will probably have me the most impatient haha. I ordered my Kageyama Nendo from AmiAmi as well! (and I'm glad I did since I don't think I could take another wait like that)
Ahhh, mine will arrive Tuesday! So close, yet so far. I know exactly what you mean, It's already been four months since Hinata was originally released... lol And AmiAmi ends up being cheaper as well aha. Are you thinking about getting Nishinoya's or Oikawa's nendroids?

Thanks for the friend request! I hope we can talk about much more pleasant things than waiting for Anime Island... c:
01 day agoPanduhrPanduhr
heatsignature (2 days ago) #3012795I never thought I would see the day when I would get an email saying the package was coming :')
I know right?? xD It was about time! People are already starting to receive their Kageyama nendoroids as well! (Thankfully, I PO'd from AmiAmi, haha) Hope they get here before Memorial Day, but that would be too good to be true, eh?
03 days agoPanduhrPanduhr
The status of my Anime Island order changed to Awaiting Shipment! c:
015 days ago (15 days ago)PanduhrPanduhr
heatsignature (15 days ago) #2968601Hey! I remember about a month ago you commented on the Hinata Nendo page that you ordered from Anime Island as well? I got an email back a while ago but I haven't gotten any follow up on the status of the shipment. Have you?

Hey there! I personally did not receive a reply to my email but a friend did. Basically the delays are because of the port strikes from before. The date has been changed to May 15th, and I think that's the estimated date Anime Island will get their shipment. Most U.S. dealers already have their shipments and have Hinata in stock because they're located in CA. Anime Island's warehouse is located in Pennsylvania and the port is in California, so they'll probably be the last to receive their items. They don't explicitly say that, but basically they chose a bad state to be selling exports. I have no idea whether their deadline is true this time. If you would like, I can update you whenever I learn something new, but A-I isn't keen on updating everyone. c:
01 year agogeckosgeckos
heatsignature (1 year ago) #1674204Hi! Since I saw you added items item #170499 and item #170500 and ordered them as well, may I ask where you ordered them from?
I'm a huge fan of Tatami Galaxy and Nakamura Yuusuke's illustrations so I would love to order them myself!

I've found these on amazon.co.jp - (ext link) and (ext link)
Nakamura is amazing artist *_* Too bad he isn't involved in any more anime projects except Tatami Galaxy (which is my most favorite show) v_v

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