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01 year agogeckosgeckos
heatsignature (1 year ago) #1674204Hi! Since I saw you added items item #170499 and item #170500 and ordered them as well, may I ask where you ordered them from?
I'm a huge fan of Tatami Galaxy and Nakamura Yuusuke's illustrations so I would love to order them myself!

I've found these on amazon.co.jp - (ext link) and (ext link)
Nakamura is amazing artist *_* Too bad he isn't involved in any more anime projects except Tatami Galaxy (which is my most favorite show) v_v
01 year agogarekigareki
thanks for adding me!!
01 year agoPortusPortus
heatsignature (1 year ago) #1435482Since I can't edit it- you put item #150367 under "Hanged Up" instead of "On Walls"
Also I realized when I added the other sets to the database- the poster sizes on AmiAmi and Hobby Search are different! Ahaha I wonder which one is correct (^_^;)

Oh, I didn't even realize! Thanks for pointing that out. must have moved through quickly making that entry haha.
Yeah I noticed a few things were different between the websites for multiple things. Didn't really know what was true or not, so I guess I'll have to see once they come in <:^j
01 year agocrispixxcrispixx
heatsignature (1 year ago) #1412778I've been trying to make a funny BURNING!! joke to send for the past 8 minutes but I can't think of one ahah
it's nice seeing a Kawamura fan here because he's so underrated imo!

LOL!! At least you tried though~ yeah kawamura was always my favorite and my friends laughed at me for it. Not sure why those jerks haha.
01 year agoNagisaSayoNagisaSayo
Your Collection is really cool and you like the same Animes like me, especially Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei and Gintama.


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