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呵呵這行超小的字, 有人注意到嗎?只是廢話用來做橫線而已。唉想童年的願望是當成漫畫家和圖書管理員, 現在本身還很糊塗怎麼辦哎

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・・・ on 「 collecting 」・・・
Accumulating books (esp. artbooks & manga) all my life, anime collectibles ~2000, figures ~2009.
Prioritising illustrations (art books, manga, clear files, postcards), fave charas, and certain features (see moe points) (´_ゝ`)
I am addicted to UFO gambl-- catching.

・・・ related 「 interests 」・・・☆ illustration ☆I draw & dabble in crafts.
One main aim at cons is to
browse the whole creators'
hub/ artist alley
☆ seiyuu ☆Hosoya Yoshimasa (Shiraishi)
Kondou Takashi (Ludger)
Takahashi Hidenori (Ishikirimaru)
Saiga Mitsuki (Okita)
☆ miniatures ☆
Re-Ment, Orcara, T for Candy,
mimo... want to customise dolls
& dioramas but impractical now
due to space constraints

too many now (´・ω・`) same biases as below, for long-running series I'm still casually following, guess they'd be stuff like Doctor Who, Grimm, Supernatural, all the Marvel & DC stuff on Netflix
Bias towards horror, supernatural, dystopian & whimsical themes. Plus gag manga and parody doujinshi.
Puzzles, JRPG, otome/ ren'ai, strategy, horror- not in any particular order.
MOE Point(s)
Pastel colours, dynamic poses, elaborate bases, books, food, frilly laces, grotesque & macabre
Soundtracks & instrumentals

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Excuse me, but does the Patriot from the Medicom Boss figure fit in the hand of Revoltech Big boss or figma snake?
20 days ago
hikaridranz (5 months ago) #22386702awesome :D which one did you get? are you going to dedicate it to 1 character or are you going to just decorate it with as many goods as you can
I got black from ebay it's cost is not bad... I will do for Kamui fever~ <3
5 months ago
Hello~ [I know we not friend on here.. xD; orz] I wanted to tell you I have my new first ita bag backpack come in mail yay! XD I not have it yet I just wait for this mail coming. XD
5 months ago
Thank you for help! XD I not remember if I told this comment so long times ago..but your collection is still neat! XD
7 months ago
hikaridranz (7 months ago) #19355570your profile background is cute and your photos are always so vibrant and lively *A*

Thank you so much!! //w//
7 months ago
hikaridranz (8 months ago) #18899630yooo nice to meet you (*´ڡ`●)

Nice to meet you too ^^
8 months ago
Fellow Singaporean who likes Psycho-Pass and Kondou Takashi, and has Mikorin as your banner? Sent you a friend request :D
8 months ago
I'm so sorry to bother you again but can you help me crop this ITEM #356475 thumbnail to show the whole cover instead of just the characters (media cover rules right?) It's not in draft and I can't edit it. Many thanks! :D
1 year ago
Aww thank you -ww-
Yep I like it too ;3

Edit: I just look at your profile and jeez I LOVE it ! So many stars and pretty colors *.*
hikaridranz (1 year ago) #15888252your profile's neat and pleasant to read :D
I like the divider too (●´ϖ`●)
1 year ago
Hey sorry to bother you but I found that ENCYCLOPEDIA #1602 is linked as "other" for the first and second season of the anime encyclopedia entries and I can't change it to "main character" because it's not in draft. Could you help me change it please? Thank you :D
1 year ago
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MFC To-do/ Further Info Hunt

unknown manufacturers
ENCYCLOPEDIA #26465 some should've been in Tinplate instead
pins {1094-A Chacha, 1094-B Shiine, 1094-D wolf Reeya}
ITEM #227806 ITEM #227810 release dates
・ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 x PansonWorks ソフビ 1, 4
・many more in an external list…