hiro4hiro4 unbanned ^_^ self-proclaimed mandarake hunter.


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it looks like Mandarake has banned me :/ Now what will I do with all my money T_T I'm pretty sure around 90% of my collection was purchased from there. Watch what you cancel -_-


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07 days agoRazzeeRazzee
Are you still selling Moekore Plus Imca? How much?
02 months agoautistautist
hiro4 (2 months ago) #21618068[ext link ]

You're a saint! Just put the order in!
02 months agoKitannyaKitannya
hiro4 (2 months ago) #21618054[ext link ]

People like you are what make this community amazing :) I just got mine a week agin through a proxy but still, to see this made me so happy. You, my friend, rock.
05 months agobaldr365baldr365
hiro4 (5 months ago) #18603497your inbox is full >< im interested in kagekatsu and inshun

Sorry sorry >< Inbox is cleared. I'll send you a quote for both.
08 months agomikeRxmikeRx
Tried PMing you, but says your inbox is full.

Yes, he is still available! But meeting in person in not going to work as I'm running really weird hours right now, so shipping is the only option.

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