hoon-samahoon-sama !


I'm addicted to Figmas.

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02 years agoAechonAechon
hoon-sama (2 years ago) #2335275Hey, your inbox is full!

Oops, didn't realize I had hit the limit. I've made some space now.
05 years agoMKMoeMKMoe
Aw yeah, figmabros. Nice collection you have there!
05 years agoEllyElly
hoon-samaHello. Your inbox is full! Please send me a PM.
Agh, sorry! You can PM me now~
05 years agoAriaAria
I don't care what statuefags say, I agree figmas are really great.
05 years agoEllyElly
Your user icon is great~

Also the power of twintails is impossible to measure! Good to see someone else who loves twintails~ :)

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