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I am hyenaqueen also known as Mahou Haiena. My precious #1 husband is Kagamine Len (´ε` )♡ with Eren Jaeger being #2~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I am a hardcore Kagamine Len fanatic from the UK! Len has been very important to me for many years now and I love to grow my collection to feel closer to him. I am mostly a waifu collector, but I do have other favourites I like to collect. I am also a Pokemon collector, with my main collections being Entei and Venusaur. I am a huge animal lover, and adore spotted hyenas as you can probably tell! It is my dream to be surrounded with cute goats and every Len figure!

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02 days ago (2 days ago)chibikarlachibikarla
hyenaqueen (3 days ago) #21487561I am so fuckin confused its unreal. Twitter is a platform for lookin at anime pics and retweeting animals, its not congress where you need to stand up and debate everyone. I dont want to see your content and don't feel like I want you to see mine, end of
You started making bigoted opinions, not me actually :DD The moment you stopped rting fandom stuff and decided to make these ugly statements was actually you!!!haha
I tried to ask why and your dumb self soft blocked me instead so it's your problem that you have, not me. You're so sad to think that not even one of your mutuals can disagree with you on something, you lack tolerance of opinion and fear other freedom of speech.
You're so embarassing, you can't even get your facts straight
03 days ago (3 days ago)chibikarlachibikarla
hyenaqueen (4 days ago) #21444626I'm not being rude, but like, if a stranger on the other side of the planet unfollows you and THIS is how you react you might need help
S o f t b l o c k i n g
You softblocked, not unfollowed. There's a difference actually if you don't know of it.
Softblocking over a simple disagreement of an opinion is the definition of being rude and intolerant. I've had enough of people who can't handle the truth or other people's points of views, you need more help than I do if you softblock everyone on sight that disagrees with you and making false claims over people you don't even know.
I cannot believe you act this cowardly when someone calls you out on something you objectively did wrong and you refuse to own up to it lmao typical
04 days ago (4 days ago)chibikarlachibikarla
hyenaqueen (5 days ago) #21424383Wtf... why are you coming for me on mfc lmao? I'm not on Twitter to debate people. I told you my opinion, you didn't agree, and I saw no point in following or being followed by someone I disagree with who I have no investment in. I'm trying to take it easy in my life
It was over one petty disagreement and because of that one petty disagreement you softblock me. It's a sign of immaturity if you ask me. I am not asking to be your mutual btw, but how do you handle stuff like this irl when everything bothers you and you choose to block out people who disagree with you out of your life over stupid things? Just a question. Impossible to be a mutuals with someone and agree with everything or for them get the chop, it's really sad coming from the likes of you because of some stupid disagreement that we could have resolved. Seriously, you're ignorant. If you must do this with every mutual on twitter who you disagree with you must not actually have online friends who stay. Get a grip.
05 days ago (5 days ago)chibikarlachibikarla
Queen of being immature and softblocking me on twitter over an argument, such a disappointment!!
02 months agoheekyunggx3heekyunggx3 Queen's Watchdog's Wife
hyenaqueen (2 months ago) #18777907I'm 'mirin the heck out of your profile. its beautiful

:') thank you!!! <33

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