iced_wineiced_wine finally the owner of multiple detolfs!

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Please check out my sales list, discount available if buying multiple items! (mfc link)

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04 years agoKitKattKitKatt
iced_wine (4 years ago) #1658137happy birthday~!!!

oh my goodness! Sorry for the late reply:

04 years agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Oh, I forgot to ask - did you want to do the ordering, or did you want me to?
04 years agoNeko_OniNeko_Oni
iced_wine (4 years ago) #1281184Happy Birthday!!

Thanks for the well wishes! :D
See you're talking about Snow Miku...waiting for her to go on pre-order. I LOVE her design!!! Sadly, I think my husband might have her stolen as he likes this particular design too....
04 years agoKitKattKitKatt
iced_wine (4 years ago) #1273237hey~thanks for the FR~
can't wait for 2013 snow miku~ >.<

Same here! I'm so glad she won the contest,her design is beautiful!

And your welcome :3
04 years agofeardrakefeardrake
No idea how to send PMs here, so I'm leaving a comment here. I saw you were giving up your amiami PO for Momohime. If you still haven't done it, send me a comment (Or PM? If you know how to do it, unlike me)

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