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Heyhey everybody!

As you maybe noticed, I've deleted some people from my friend list. I did this, cause I didn't talk to at least half of my friendlist, and they don't talk to me either. To those who've been deleted, don't take it personal, but I want my friend list to consist out of more personal friends now, instead of people who never talk, or don't have compability with me. I've noticed I've been befriended a lot in the past, but everythime I go to say hi and thank you, I never get a reply back, or any sign that people care. This makes me wonder why the heck they befriended me in the first place? This site is no Facebook, where it's cool to have 300 friends, so I don't care about quantity either. So please, if you want to be my friend, talk to me! I won't bite, I promise! ;D

I hope I don't offend anybody with this, but please accept my reasons for it~



Um, I'm a duch girl who likes anime and manga. I like collecting figures, I guess ^^; I'm a big fan of Len, so hear me being fantardie whenever there's some Len-related news. Also, I'm a HUGE nerd for both Togainu no Chi and Lamento, and am interested in anything Nitro+Chiral or Nitro+ related.

I mostly have male figure's in my collection. I like them, cause male figures have something interesting, that girl figures usually don't have. Females in several anime tend to look like/feel like the same sometimes, and I feel, that whenever there's a new male figure being made, the manufacturers put some extra love in them, cause they're so rare. I also have a fondness for yaoi and for chocolate ;)


Also, if you have time and love Yaoi/Shounen ai,
please join "The Yaoi and Shounen ai club" club #247

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03 months agoaluchenaluchen
Your inbox is full, so I'm gonna write you here ;)

I just wanted to let you know that Makoto arrived here safe and sound :) Thank you very much for the poster, too! The motive is really cute <3 I'll definitely put it on my wall ^^

I also watched the new Touken Ranbu episode today and Hotarumaru is so adorable :D
04 months agoSaRuSaRu image not found
imacatlover (5 months ago) #15193737omg sorry for not replying D:!!
I was super busy during my bday that I didnt do anything(I dont feel bad, I prefer to lay in bed and sleep all day xDD)

Thank u for the Bday wishes :'3!!!
09 months agoYukicchuuYukicchuu
imacatlover (10 months ago) #10230899Aaaaaaahhhh, thank youuuuu! ^____^ ♥♥♥ I didn't get many presents, but I did get a lot of cash, which is great too! ♥

Next best thing! Now you can buy your own presents! :D <-forgot about MFC sorry for my slow reply
010 months agoYukicchuuYukicchuu
Happy birthday! ┗=͟͟͞͞( ・∀・)=͟͟͞͞┛ Hope you get lots of love and lots of goods! lmao
01 year agoYukicchuuYukicchuu
imacatlover (1 year ago) #6395519Wow really?? owo Jiro has invaded my citadel like 6 times already, forcing sake on my tantou's, his brother and the horses and being a happy drunk overall. I wish I could give you one of mine too ;w; He drops quite often for me on map 5-4, so maybe if you fight there long enough you'll meet him? Then again, I've been through the map probably over 200 times now, and I never saw Hotaru... it's a cruel world we live in orz||| It might be just a theory of mine, but I sometimes get the feeling that once you crafted/dropped a sword, a copy becomes easier to drop/make?? I have all droppable swords on map 5-4, with the exception of Jiji (but I want no KBC on my map, so I forget about him), Hotaru and Uguisumaru.
In the end I didn't get either Gotou nor Hakata orz||| Just a lot of broken swords, which I'm now trying to fix. I liked the event a lot, and I'm not that bothered I didn't get either of the swords, but it was frustrating that the server hecked up a lot for me. I may have crappy internet at home, but the server was at fault sometimes too, and I saw that fox bowing down in apology quite a lot this week orz||| It's annoying, cause right before the boss node or halfway the game would heck up, and I'd be forced to wait till my team got rid of their tiredness and all =___= Too bad I couldn't make my Toushiro family reunion complete with this event tho

That's like the amount of times I got Taroutachi...Lol 5-4?? I'm pretty sure I've done it like 100 times :S and I never got him. In fact I tried to get Jirou today...and guess what? I got another Hotarun LMFAO. It's probably more psychological than ACTUALLY easier getting it to drop though, because the 2nd time you're like whaaaat I don't want you again, why are you so common?!!

Oh damn, that's tough. It never stuffs up on my end?? Too bad it wasn't like the last event, where if you disconnect it makes you restart from the same place lol. But the endless tower events are good for leveling owob They'll probably make Hakata forgeable again soon, since this was already the second time (BUT I WANT TO GET MONOYOSHI INSTEAD AhhHHHHHHHH)

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