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I am absolute trash for these guys
ハンス・ハンプティ | 左右田 和一 | 桑田 怜恩 Favorite Sons
御子柴 百太郎 | 逆蔵 十三
Warning: Neither of these are het
リチャアス | アクロク

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05 months agotomatoofdoomtomatoofdoom
I'm glad your items arrived :D An excellent buyer, paid very quickly and is always great to communicate with!
05 months agoErazErErazEr
internecinewar (5 months ago) #15738174Congrats on finally updating your MFC. :P

why thank you :D
06 months agoKiseKimikoKiseKimiko
internecinewar (6 months ago) #15435005Too much time has passed for a Paypal refund. :( Were your friends able to get their money back? I dont think they get their money back too...
06 months agoKiseKimikoKiseKimiko
internecinewar (6 months ago) #15434461Heya, hope you don't mind that I'm commenting here instead of on the blog post. I never did get the Touken Ranbu artbook and they haven't replied to any of my emails. >__<
I heard Momoka-moka (the creator) deleted all her social media accounts too. :( I'm still hoping the artbook will come (since they did post printing proofs in May), but at this point it looks like it's hopeless. >_<
This is really sad are u able to get a refund ?
07 months agoSaichiSaichi
internecinewar (7 months ago) #14481010Your inbox is full~ :) But yes, please! :) If it's not much trouble, I'd still like to take my slots. They're for shipping to the Philippines. Thanks so much!

Okay I'll make an invoice today or tomorrow.^^

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