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09 days agoErubescentErubescent
ooo thank you aaa
time to edit all 31 entries :'D....

internecinewar (9 days ago) #24500243Hiya! Just a heads-up that banpresto crane king items are "Prize" releases and not "Standard"
09 days agotsunabelletsunabelle
internecinewar (9 days ago) #24467623Ahhh you're adding in the cafe honpo stuff! I've been puzzling about how to do that. Do you think it's better to go with it as an event (i.e. DR in Namjatown encyclopedia #113491) or as a classification (ex. encyclopedia #86702 & encyclopedia #117716)?
I'm still waiting for my order to arrive so I can double check the manufacturer but will let you know afterwards how it goes.

Oh god, yeah honestly I'm just doing it blindly like I guess this works? LMFAO. I think it should put as a classification since it looks close to what the Free! one you linked is. I definitely hoped someone would be able to go in and save me so I'd definitely appreciate that a lot. I cry.
01 month agotsunabelletsunabelle
just wanted to thank you for updating the database with heroaca. i get so tired when i do it, it's so tedious LOL.
08 months agotomatoofdoomtomatoofdoom
I'm glad your items arrived :D An excellent buyer, paid very quickly and is always great to communicate with!
09 months agoErazErErazEr
internecinewar (9 months ago) #15738174Congrats on finally updating your MFC. :P

why thank you :D

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