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Going away July 9-22. Shipping will be delayed and contact may be slower! Please bear with me~ <3

Hi my name's Christine and I will do almost anything to avoid studying .

I also spend way too much money on Love live and Yuri on Ice

Icon by @LuceveEa on twitter!

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05 days agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
Hie ^^ I'm going to order (mfc link) I just wanted to make sure you are going to stay confirmed?
07 days agoYpsiiYpsii
Happy birthday and all the best wishes! Let your family and friends celebrate you and enjoy your special day! :)
08 days agoVidollVidoll
Hi my darling! I hope you have a happy birthday :)
012 days agoziqziq
Hi. Please clear your inbox)
024 days agoOtakuChickOtakuChick
isameille (24 days ago) #22773447Hi there,
Could you please check your PM's in regards to this split?
(mfc link)
Please let me know if you'd like me to resend it!
Thanks <3

Just paid it!

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