jabesjabes must...get...more...figures... o_O

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hi everyone! (^-^)/

Obviously, I enjoy collecting figures (otherwise, why else would I be here? (^_-)-☆ ) and meeting new people here on MFC. I think the best part of the hobby other than the collecting is see other people's collection and their set-up. I love how I get ideas to make my collection even better. (^_^)/

... figuratively speaking, I am out of my mind for collecting all these wonderful 3D representations of favorite characters (old and new upcoming ones). it's not just a hobby, it's a never ending obsession... (^-^)/


... now the problem is, where do I store all the boxes and how the heck am I gonna display it all???


Aside from collecting figures I also enjoy cosplaying as some of my favorite characters, it is certainly time-consuming and expensive if you want to go all out for a cosplay. The fun is planning with people and meeting the people who also share this interest. *(*´∀`*)☆


I love zombies! The more the merrier! The Walking Dead FTW! Now imagine our favorite anime characters as zombies... now that would be chilling indeed! muhahaha....



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