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My Name is Jessica and I have a youtube channel[ext link ] where I unbox and review anime figures and do other fun stuff!

Go Figure Tumblr: [ext link ] where we post photos of our
figures and news on the latest figures.
Go Figure Instagram: [ext link ] for everyday crazy bits.
My Instagram: [ext link ]
My vlog channel: [ext link ]


I like to have a collection that makes me happy hence why I collect Sonico figures since she is always smiling and I LOVE her colours! I also like Miku figures because companies always make really nice artistic twists of her and because she is also a bubbly character like Sonico. I also collect other random figures form anime I like. My aesthetic is mostly sexy and cute.

What I like:
Anime figures,
designing shirts for That Anime Store,
cheese popcorn,
Animal Crossing (dream address: 5000-5134-1070),
Sephora (Fave brand: Urban Decay and Too Face),
pokemon games (Fave Pokemon: Sylveon + Turtwig + Darkrai),
K-pop jams,
Tumblr [ext link ],
Glittery nail polish,
collecting Pusheen everything,
The Go Figure Community,
and I occasionally paint.

Thanks for stopping by (✿╹◡╹)
k. Bye!

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011 days agopylxipylxi
I loved your video about why do you collect, it is so nice to see this type of content in figure channels. I'm so glad you finally did it after talking here about it. Keep up with the good quality.

PD:So excited for the figure reviews to come, the last Sonico one was really fun. ^_^
024 days agoPyrokar91Pyrokar91
Hey Jess, just wanted to say, that I'm a relly big fan of Go Figure!! I love your reviews and the videos in general, please keep it up :) It was a shock that Mia is gone but I was really happy, that Go Figure still goes on with you! :)
028 days agoDanteMagicaDanteMagica
jessicrotte (1 month ago) #18874980hey there Dante how can I forget you! u make super artsy vids!i am super excited for the sonico bride figure. she is really my dreamed figure she is just so gorgeous! u should definitely do another video soon ;)Hey! Just saw your WF '17 vid, and man there are too many figures where I was like "YAAAS QUEEN, PREACH!" Lol I laughed so hard whenever you check marked the figures that had unrealistic exaggerated body form. But yea, currently I'm desperately recording clips for Hanagoromo Miku, Kongiku, Yuzuruha, And Momohime with all the tree blossoming. I'm risking my life going out at night with a tripod, camera, lanterns, to record Momohime by purple blossoms at night lol. I am working hard to get back in the YouTube game, I wish sometimes I had a production team to just order around to make videos haha. Btw, your floral cat ears were so pretty, I would wear those if I was a girl.....hell, maybe I'll wear cat ears anyways ( *`ω´)
Also I want to preorder the Hyakka Ryouran - Yagyu Jubei - 1/8 - Final Bride too, but I have too many I'm PO, sometimes I think I have trigger finger when it comes to PO
21 month agoDanteMagicaDanteMagica
Helloooo, long time no talk and don't know if you remember me lol but I just wanted to hear how excited you are for the Sonico bride ver??
I've been so busy with new job and school that I haven't been able to make videos, but after watching you guys' videos it inspired me to get back in the game!
01 month ago (1 month ago)0crybaby00crybaby0
jessicrotte (1 month ago) #18521949Thanks for the FR!
Thanks for accepting it Queen!

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