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My Name is Jessica and I have a youtube channel[ext link ] where I unbox and review anime figures and do other fun stuff!

Go Figure Tumblr: [ext link ] where we post photos of our
figures and news on the latest figures.
Go Figure Instagram: [ext link ] for everyday crazy bits.
My Instagram: [ext link ]
My vlog channel: [ext link ]


I like to have a collection that makes me happy hence why I collect Sonico figures since she is always smiling and I LOVE her colours! I also like Miku figures because companies always make really nice artistic twists of her and because she is also a bubbly character like Sonico. I also collect other random figures form anime I like. My aesthetic is mostly sexy and cute.

What I like:
Anime figures,
designing shirts for That Anime Store,
cheese popcorn,
Animal Crossing (dream address: 5000-5134-1070),
Sephora (Fave brand: Urban Decay and Too Face),
pokemon games (Fave Pokemon: Sylveon + Turtwig + Darkrai),
K-pop jams,
Tumblr [ext link ],
Glittery nail polish,
collecting Pusheen everything,
The Go Figure Community,
and I occasionally paint.

Thanks for stopping by (✿╹◡╹)
k. Bye!

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015 hours agoSnowZeldaSnowZelda
I just saw your new room tour! Your Soncio collection is amazing <3 I always love your room tours :D
12 months agoSpirit_BombSpirit_Bomb
Why no upgrade your account since you lub figures? Unlimited friends across the galaxy!
Anyway, great content as always, keep it real and hope to add you as a friend one day xD!
12 months agoSaeniSaeni
Hi Jess, thanks for your opinion. I thought a lot about it and ended up preordering her >.<

jessicrotte (2 months ago) #20519177Hey Leslie! ahh i dont know what to say! she is very nice thought and I feel like you really want her. I think it looks like a figure you would like as well. I have never been very preoccupied on buying a character i dont really know about so I wouldn't mind getting her. in the end it all depends on you. Can you actually find a place for her since she is really tall? And the price is not too bad I find. Let me know what you decide to do ^.^ thanks for asking me <3
12 months agoSaeniSaeni
Hi Jess. Tell me what do you think of this figure item #464644 ?
You see I was never into the Fate/ thing, I don't even get what is it about, and I think there is way too much Saber figure out there. So buying a Saber I would feel a bit like a traitor. But you see this Saber is just so beautiful, I can't help wanting it. But it's expensive too. But she doesn't even look like Saber. But she wouldn't fit in my case with her sword. Aaaah i'm so confused, I really want her but I don't know. So yeah I would like you opinion on it, do you think she's worth the price?
13 months agopylxipylxi
I loved your video about why do you collect, it is so nice to see this type of content in figure channels. I'm so glad you finally did it after talking here about it. Keep up with the good quality.

PD:So excited for the figure reviews to come, the last Sonico one was really fun. ^_^

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