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My story :
I got into this world by watching Studio Ghibli's movies and like every one of them, and maybe also because traveled a lot in Asia.
Then got into Gunpla for a long while, got bored for waiting new releases, so got into manga, then prefered to watch anime instead. Started collecting scale figures right after Gunpla's collecting.
Now, I watch any anime available and if the scenario thrills me, I follow it to the end.

I traveled to Japan for pleasure and studies a few times.

What else...

Enjoy :
- watching Anime, movies, etc.
- collecting figures and others, admiring my collection, photography ([ext link ]), GK building, PC gaming
- listening music

As a seller :
I got most of my items directly from Amiami, everything is always kept away from any sunlight and in a smoke free environment.
If you need more informations, please feel free to PM me.
And if you have a fair price proposition, please PM me, I will consider it and give you an answer.

Selling now because I need more storage place.
View spoilerHide spoilerFYI, I got a 3/5 review from a fellow collector, I did everything perfectly but I was too busy to do the "meet up in person" exchange when asked, and the buyer didn't like that.



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08 months agocuongphamcuongpham
Hello jkb

i am wondering about the figure named Yoko Real ver still be available for sell or not? Could you please tell me? Thank you

item #7900
01 year agoautumnlucksautumnlucks
jkb (1 year ago) #6850310I just checked with the one I have hanging out : it's 71cm x 52cm (Lxl)
Btw, B2 is defined as 70,7cm x 50cm.

oh ok thank you for the info :)
01 year agoautumnlucksautumnlucks

I was researching about the Bonfes wallscrolls on google, and some of the links that popped up were from your previous blog posts.

I was wondering about the exact sizes of the Bonfes wallscrolls. I am aware that the wallscrolls are "B2" sizes, but I cannot exactly determine how big the wallscrolls are. It would greatly help if you can send a picture of how big your Bonfes wallscrolls are, as there are some on amiami that I would love to get, specifically:
[ext link ]


[ext link ]

Thank you so much :).
02 years agonekofleurnekofleur
jkb (2 years ago) #2473638version Good Smile ? Kotobukiya ? pas pri la version blouse blanche, slippers verts car slippers verts x).
Good Smile ^^
Les deux versions sont cools mais c'est vrai que les slippers verts : la discrétion assurée lol xD
02 years agonekofleurnekofleur
jkb (2 years ago) #2473293Merci, toi aussi ! :)
One Piece ?! Chopper = mon préféré

Michi ^-^
Oui One piece :p C'est l'un de mes préférés aussi xD

J'ai vu que tu avais Kurisu la chance *-* XD

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