josuwajosuwa n/a

05 years agotisk394tisk394
happy birthday!!! hope you get some cute figures!!!
05 years agoAnimenzAnimenz
Holy crap, I just realised you have probably the biggest collection of Figures I've ever seen! Well... compared to my humble collection at least.... *cough*
05 years agoAnjiraAnjira
josuwaYeah I do.

Nice! I'll have to look into it when I get the chance to.
06 years agoAnjiraAnjira
josuwaWell if you're really interested you can google it!

Haha. Do you have a account?
06 years agoAnjiraAnjira
josuwaGahahaha! Check out my fanfic! Black Rock Shooter Chronicles!

Haha, you wrote a fanfic about brs? What was it about?
06 years agoAnjiraAnjira
josuwaThanks for the add! :D

Thanks for accepting! I noticed that you're a big brs fan as well. :)
06 years agojosuwajosuwa
Kochira koso!
06 years agopuppypowerpuppypower
Welcome to fellow countrymate.
06 years agoAngel_T-KanadeAngel_T-Kanade
josuwaIt's all about proportioning your cash I guess!
well, I don't have much cash, so I arrange my money to buy figures by considering release date XD
06 years agoAngel_T-KanadeAngel_T-Kanade
josuwaHey! I need a bigger collection though! =D
well, my money's not enough to buy so much XD
06 years agoAngel_T-KanadeAngel_T-Kanade
welcome to the board~^^
u got plenty of cool collection there XD