justineskijustineski because it's ham.


My name is Justine.
I mostly collect pretty figures with whooshy hair~

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05 months agokimuuukimuuu
justineski (5 months ago) #2052163Shinobuuuuuu figma announced - If you haven't seen it already :D
aaaaaamagaaaaaaaaaawd I saw the picture of the poster but I didn't realise it was for a figma! aw yisssssssssssss
07 months agokimuuukimuuu
justineski (7 months ago) #1949515LOL I wish it was! omg that bish stole all my erio pillows! Gotta get those back from her~ I actually looked on tumblr recently for erio gifs and I kept finding photos of my collection on there >< I'm tumblr famous!
There seems to be heaps of Shinobus coming out :D You're gonna have the best Shinobu shrine!!

LOL how dare she!
My shrine is growing well but still missing many pieces :( I think i'll need a larger space for my shinobus soon @o@
07 months agoDeadlyKawaiiDeadlyKawaii
justineski (7 months ago) #1949524Hellooooo~! Just letting you know I haven't forgotten you XD and that I've been away on holiday! I'll send you a biiig message soon ;D Hope all is well!

Aww no probs!.. hope you had/having a great holiday^^
I'm doing good...but more importantly:

Look at all this Gorgeous Erio profile awesomeness!!!!!! _(~*.*~)_
07 months agokimuuukimuuu
(ext link)
Is this you behind the pillows dont lie to me Justine
07 months agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
justineski (7 months ago) #1946016mmm I did use img tags but it still didn't work :< I'll try again later~
Yup yup :D
Maybe it's something to do with how they're hosted... You'll work it out :Db

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