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My name is Justine.
I mostly collect pretty figures with whooshy hair~

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05 days agoViku-AsakuraViku-Asakura
Cool to find another Gravity Rush and Splatoon fan! Love all the items you have, I wish I could have those GR Garage Kit.
This might be interesting for you: First 4 Figures company is doing a poll to make a Kat Statue I link you the post I just did on Reddit for how you can vote for it if you're interested. [ext link ]
06 months agoOtakuWondaOtakuWonda
Happy Birthday!!! /^ o^)/
01 year agonightFlarernightFlarer
justineski (1 year ago) #4790909dawwww happy birthday!Thanks Justineeeeee!!
01 year agoOtakuWondaOtakuWonda
Happy Birthday!!!! (^ w^)/
01 year agoDeadlyKawaiiDeadlyKawaii
justineski (1 year ago) #3016231Happy birthday DK! :D

Yay ThankYou so much!! (≧∇≦) ...took me a while realize it was you on FB, happy find you on there, hope you are well! x

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