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Recently got into figure collecting the first time my college friend showed me his Miku collection. My first figure was a Sega Prize Asuka Wedding and my first PVC is Noel Vermillion Hobby Japan exclusive. Hatsune Miku is what got me into figure collecting as I thought she was just adorable. I hope to meet more people here and make some new friends along the way. Most of my collection will be Miku or any Vocaloid related figures, as well as some characters that I feel attached to.


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011 months agoVamppyVamppy
Hi, please could you answer my PM? THX
I hope to hear from you soon. ^^
011 months agoDivineDivine
Happy birthday!!!!

I hope its filled with loved ones and much joy!!!
01 year agoCalcifurCalcifur
yup yup! kagaminelen (1 year ago) #7433295The snow miku?
01 year agoCalcifurCalcifur
How much are you selling the 2013 miku?
01 year agoDivineDivine
kagaminelen (1 year ago) #5476833thanks for accepting ;)

Thanks for offering! lol I just learned how to accept a FR ^_^

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