kasukukasuku にゃんぱすー!


Good day everyone! =D

My love for Anime & Japanese cultures started off at a tender age of 10, during the time of the Jpop boom. First few anime series that I've watched during that time include Dragonball, Captain Tsubasa, & Slam Dunk. I was also a big fan of the Street Fighter series of games.

My first few anime toys/figurines were from the Dragonball & Street Fighter series, which includes action figures, & items from Gashapon machines. Sadly, most of these figures have either being heavily damaged or went missing... =(


However, the turning point in my otaku life begin in 2010 when I discovered this picture on the internet by chance:

source: (ext link)

It was from this picture that I was first introduced to the wonderful world of Nendoroids due to their extreme Moe-ness & cuteness.


Subsequently, I got my first Nendoroid, Izumi Konata #27d (item #21435), from Anime Festival Asia 2010 in Singapore. Instantly fell in love with my Kona-chan Nendo & ever since, started my humble collection of Nendoroids & Nendoroid petits.


I love watching slice-of-life comedy Anime series, which includes Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, Nichijou, K-ON, Working!!, Ika Musume, Minami-ke, Acchi Kocchi & others...


...and also more serious titles such as Death Note, Deadman Wonderland, Vampire Knight, Kuroshitsuji, Suzumiya Haruhi, Black Rock Shooter, [C], etc.


My other hobbies include listening to Japanese music, hunting for OmNomNom-licious Japanese food, learning the art of the Japanese language, & watching Japanese TV shows(drama, variety shows, etc).


BTW, I'm currently still a noob when it comes to figurine photography, so pardon me if my photos were taken badly! m(_ _)m


Please feel free to leave comments, drop me a PM, or send me a FR, even though I do not have any real talent...
...except dancing randomly~ :3


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01 month agoPikachuPikachu
kasuku (1 year ago) #1328122Happy birthday!!

I'm sorry for the VERY VERY VERY late reply. Thanks you so much! Once I thought I would never play nendoroid again, cuz something very bad happened to me was related to those figures. Every time I saw those lovely nendoroids, they reminded my of that thing. But now after months perhaps a year, I've finally conquered it and returned here. It's so adorable for your guys to leave me a birthday message. It feels so sweet though I've missed them out during my last birthday. Still thank you all.
09 months agoWndrenvyWndrenvy
Hi Hi!
Nice meeting you! Are you in Singapore? Well i saw your location in Singapore so i dont think you need to answer that :D
Anyway, hi! Im in singapore too~ :D
011 months agoDynamiteDynamite

I wish you a Happy new Year 2014 :)
01 year agoDynamiteDynamite

I wish you a merry christmas and nice holidays :)
01 year agoXothXoth
Thanks for advice !

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