kawaii_kupokawaii_kupo BF made an account for his starting collection =P @blindangel


I started with nendoroids and figmas, then it turned into scales lately... oops.

I stream at Twitch.tv/kupo_yo M-F 8/9pm - 12am PST
Currently playing Parasite Eve Mon - Thurs, Splatoon & Super Smash Bros occasionally on Fridays
Come hang out!

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01 year agoLaduLadu
kawaii_kupo (1 year ago) #2172926Awww dont regret joining!! Save up, in due time you know =) Plus you never know what new figures will come out.
Haha true, I just pre-ordered the new saber figma, so I have that going for me x')
01 year agoLaduLadu
kawaii_kupo (1 year ago) #2160201Welcome to MFC!
Thank you~! Although I immediately regret joining because of the jealousy after seeing your Figma collection (especially Saber, Kurisu and Mikasa) xD
02 years agoGarivelGarivel
Thanks for Subscribing. Feel free to visit my Tumblr Page too for other stuff ---> (ext link) kawaii_kupo (2 years ago) #1670535Nice pictures! Subscribed =)
02 years agomikki-malumikki-malu
Hi :) Checked your Instagram Comic Con photos, that looks like fun, so many people, wow :) I had no idea people have to camp out to get to the signing of popular actors, and all that to go through raffle? Those who get close to the cast have double luck I guess...
03 years agoPri_chinPri_chin
Hi there! Thank you so much for your fav on my pic.
I'm glad to know that you enjoyed it :)

See ya!

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