keychainkeychain Need to start taking pics again o.o


Hmm, probably about time I updated this thing since before this it read more like a tweet.

Just another figure collector with a soft spot for cute things and a love for all things random. Been interested in Nendoroids ever since the ol' hetare Saber came out a while back. One day I found myself with a bit of extra cash; been poor ever since.

I often find myself going through phases where I'll switch from one hobby to another. Music has been my biggest hobby, for as far back as I can remember. A couple of years ago I picked up photography though, and I've been hooked ever since. Most recently I've taken up airsoft. I really gotta find cheaper ways to deal with stress from work. I should probably start drawing again, but then I might start my search for a favorite pen again, too. So far it's the Pilot BeGreen Precise V5 extra fine, although I use G-2's at work.

Always open to chat about stuff. Whether it's photography, vids on youtube/ニコニコ, or even how to hit a low hook or slice to bail out from under some trees on the golf course, really I'm open to almost anything.
Thanks for checking out my profile!

aim: legokeychain


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